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WikiLeaks cables: exposed Minister Palo Conteh’s Criminal Activities

WikiLeaks cables: exposed Minister Palo Conteh’s Criminal Activities

The true scale of the theft of overseas aid money by corrupt foreign regimes is disclosed in leaked documents obtained by The Daily Telegraph.  Tens of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money has been pocketed by Sierra Leone defense minister “Palo Conteh” and officials, of which most of the USA and UK taxpayers’ monies had been spent and wasted foolishly to buy personal luxury goods.

Millions of dollars of aid have bypassed the UN and ended up in the pockets of corrupt Government officials

In one of the worst cases, is the £1.2million given to Sierra Leone Government by the Department for International Development (DfID) to “support peacekeeping” in the country, which was stolen by the country’s “top brass” and spent stupidly on little things such as plasma television sets, hunting rifles and other consumer items. What a shame! While the ordinary men and women and children in Sierra Leone are going home hungry every day and night.

DfID is said to be fully aware of the thefts, but regards the losses as being “within reason”. Details of the embezzlement will reopen the debate over the Government’s decision to increase DfID’s £7.3billion budget at a time of cuts.

In August, 2009, a secret cable from the US Embassy in Freetown reported “deep corruption” within Sierra Leone’s defence ministry, “primarily through pocketing of enlisted members’ salaries”.

June Carter Perry, the US former Ambassador, wrote: “The British envoy revealed that the GoSL (Government of Sierra Leone) demanded a $4 million [£2.46million] contribution from the UK for the Ministry of Defense to support peacekeeping.

 “Upon examination, the British discovered that half of the funds were for the personal use of the minister [Palo Conteh] and top brass. Items such as 36 plasma TVs and hunting rifles for the minister’s own use were included.”

Minister Palo Conteh has been known for allegedly throwing parties with bunches of nude girls at his residence in Freetown, spending Government money like a wild fire!

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  • i am just fedup with what is going on in sierra leone today.when criminals like palo conteh , who does not realize what a jackass he is. this thug and his cronies should have been fire long time ago. but he’s still the minister of defence. i dont know what is president koroma waiting for. the people of sierra leone deserved to know the true,nothing but the whole true.these socall cronies who call themselves, public official ought to know better.mr president you need to step up to the plate to excecute your powers and right that u have.

    9th February 2011

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