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2012 Election: SLPP + Maada Bio = APC Victory

2012 Election: SLPP + Maada Bio = APC Victory

As most of us watch from the sideline, albeit with amusement, the candid way certain press, continue to dissect the immoral character flaws of Julius Maada Bio (in photo), one of the nation’s most notorious public crooks, we nod our heads in agreement and give her a pat on the back for a job well done.

But we can only stay on the side for so long before we throw in the trowel ourselves -Maada Bio’s nomination as the flag bearer of the SLPP will leave some of us with no choice but to act.  And to tell you the truth Mr. Bio, the people of Sierra Leone are not naive to think that someone is paying the press to do what they are doing as you and your team are alleging because most of us feel the same way as they do about you – and that is, you are not capable enough to run Tihun Sogbeni chiefdom, Bonthe District, much more Sierra Leone. 

How can a captain become a Brigadier-General in a year without mastering some of the basic military parlance or taking the “Captain to Major” exams and all the others that come along? As a military man, he should know that in a strict military environment, a feat of that magnitude is unheard of.  How can he campaign for “peace before elections” when his own sister, Agnes Deen Jalloh was a part and parcel of the rebel RUF? What a suspicious coincidence.  He must have had a strong tie to the RUF. Remember the popular slogan in Freetown, ‘Bio bio Bio in sister nar rebel’. Little wonder why he is also credited in his biography to have taken some certificate courses in rough diamond evaluation.  “Bio bio Bio want we diamond dem” But I will tell you in the straight jacketed face of the Americans, “You ain’t getting jerk”.

In his so-called biography, Mr. Maada Bio is also credited to have a Masters Degree in International Affairs from the School of International Service at the American University in Washington D. C. majoring in International Peace, Conflict Resolution and International Development. But I wonder if he gained anything from that course.  If a man with a degree in peace and conflict resolution would make such a daring public utterance like this in 2007 “I will take over power again as we did in 1992”, he either needs to go back and get a tuition reimbursement from the institution he claimed to have attended or he simply, woefully failed to learn what peace and conflict resolution is all about.

Why would Bio hand over power on the condition that upon his ascension to the presidency Tejan Kabbah would promulgate an NPRC Indemnity and Transition Degree, 1996 which provides indemnity to the whole Army and all members of the NPRC and their appointees for all actions, intentional or otherwise, including the very coup that brought them to power and all extrajudicial killings during their time in government?  If he were clean and innocent why bother to strike a deal with Kabbah?

Although he finally exited power, yet it was only after a serious looting spree. He is accused to have looted the National Treasury and hurriedly concluded the sales of a prominent government-owned hotel for millions of United States Dollars (paid partly in cash and in gem stones, and property in Ghana) to a shady foreign businessman and stashing the proceeds abroad in his Bio’s name. All Kabbah did was turn a blind eye because he wanted power desperately and at all cost and had promised the indemnity. What a shame!

When the founding fathers of the Sierra Leone People’s Party founded this party, they did not envision a platform for intrigues and shenanigans, audacious looting of public treasury and tribal games. They were much better than that. Indeed, they sought through various constitutional arrangements and other mechanisms to uplift the people of Sierra Leone immediately after gaining independence from the British. Much to their credits, they stood tall. Where has all that pride and selflessness gone? What happened to all the great and credible candidates–Dr Kadi Sesay, Andrew Kelli, and Osman Boie to name a few that the SLPP paraded?

For Mr. Bio’s information and those of the delegates who dance to his whims and caprices, there is now a working team in place, determined to curb his dubious political appetite. About three months ago, this team comprising of seasoned, professional journalists and writers, named “Concerned Sierra Leoneans” with no political affiliation of any sort, from all over the United States and Europe, had a conference call and the subject of concern was the seemingly apparent lack of patriotic considerations and little to no political savyness on the part of the SLPP establishment when they embrace Julius Maada Bio, the self-styled Brigadier General (Brigadier–General my foot) to the extent of considering him to lead the party come 2012.

After all what he has done to help sink the country into becoming one of the worst nations on the face of the planet, it is sad and mind boggling to know that he shamelessly has the audacity to run for the presidency and there is a party, a party that calls itself noble, ready to give him the platform. Wow! What happened to the fundamental principles and lofty ideals of the SLPP? This is no more about the next election but about the future of Sierra Leone.

Therefore, to all potential SLPP delegates out there, be it known that the resolution of the said conference call was to re-pledge our allegiance to our mother land. This team is fiercely committed in a relentless and uncompromising pursuit to unearth the criminal and savage records and tendencies of Julius Maada Bio should he gain the flag bearer position. What you are failing to understand is that the name JULIUS MAADA BIO sounds disgusting to many level headed Sierra Leoneans?  Right! Get this now. It does because it invokes grim memory of the worse period in Sierra Leone’s history. Just because you have the privilege of being a delegate does not mean you can sell the nation for a pittance. We will not stand muted with hands akimbo and look on while you handover Sierra Leone again to a thug like Bio.

Electing Maada Bio to run as the flag bearer of the SLPP or even a running mate to any of the other candidates will be suicidal. His election will be equivalent to the SLPP shooting itself once again in the foot as they did in the last presidential election. The party echelon turned its back on Hinga Norman, a man who was fierce and brave in the fight against the RUF and pivotal in restoring the Kabbah government. As if that wasn’t enough, the continued alienation of Charles Margai, who bankrolled the SLPP party during the one party rule in Sierra Leone, further damaged the credibility of the party.  But, if there is one thing that I learned from my history professor, it was that “history teaches that history teaches nothing.” Come on SLPP delegates; put Maada Bio as a flag bearer for the party and the equation: “Bio plus SLPP equals APC Victory” will be true. Sierra Leone will be just as ready to escort Ernest Koroma to a safe State House trip again.

Christian Foday Sesay Jnr, Texas Correspondent

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  • Why is it that anyone who opposes Maada Bio (rightfully so!) gets to be accused by Maada Bio and his supporters of having been “paid”? Does anyone need to be paid to know that Maada Bio winning the flagbearership is an automatic loss for the SLPP? Do you really think the APC wants Maada Bio to lose the contest? No way! Infact, I am reliably informed that the APC is spending hundreds of millions through suspicious channels to Bio’s campaign.

    20th February 2011
  • Christian, i beg to differ in your onerous claims and incongruity with the candidacy of Julius Maada Bio. I observe that all you have displayed here is a mere hate campaign against someone you are undoubtedly jittery of because of his growing popularity. You and your likes ain’t seen nothing yet. If you like, you can mount your journalistic campaign from planet Mars (because your US team or whatever you call yourself is just a drop in the ocean) but we can’t be intimidated.Remember, just as you have a right to vote or decide the future of Sierra Leone like any other Sierra Leonean, we too have the same choice to make. We are determined to prove to the world that no APC-sponsored campaign of hate against Maada Bio will succeed. It is sad that in the face of financial inducement, journalists like you can afford to shed all vestiges of ethics to become morally bankrupt. It is the likes of you that is severely denting the image of journalism in Sierra Leone which SLAJ is taking pains to rebuild. Note well that we can’t be frightened by your threat. It only makes us strong and untiring.

    2nd February 2011

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