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Okeke’s Brown Envelope – Why Refuse It Mr. Minister?

Okeke’s Brown Envelope – Why Refuse It Mr. Minister?

Gifts, as people call them, sway the minds of greedy public officers, making them lose foresight and landing them into corruption and overindulgence.

Kudos must be given the newly appointed Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister, Hon. Soccoh Kabia (in photo), for his uncompromising stance on not receiving a bribe (brown envelope) from persons employed by Lilian Lisk’s Fishing Company – Okeke Agency.

“Sir, this is Samura, the Editor of Sierra Express Media. I request of you to comment on facts concerning the brown envelope offered to you by workers representing Okeke Fishing Company,” was the question posed to Minister Soccoh Kabia by our Editor, Ibrahim Samura.

“What! This is unbelievable. Anyway, I will talk to you later Samura,” the Minister says.

Sources say Minister Soccoh Kabia, upon observing that persons before him intended to hand over the big brown envelope to him, straightforwardly asked them to unconditionally leave his office.

Reflections must be drawn to Lilian’s allegation against the former Minister of Fisheries Madam Afsatu Kabba.

It must be noted that Lilian, in 2010, wrote pages of letters to President Koroma confessing how she used to give bribes to the forenamed Fisheries Minister.

Revelations as in context were submitted to officials of the Anti Corruption Commission for further investigation.

In weeks of such investigation, the State Minister was indicted with 17 count charges and on that same day sacked unchecked.

Sources say Lilian’s unproved corruption allegation against Afsatu Kabba came as a result of the latter’s uncompromising stance to legally punish fishing companies dodging payment of taxes due government.

Public opinion states that attempts by employees of Okeke Company, to submit a big brown envelope to the Minister of Fisheries, was all bait and would have landed him into a mess one day.

It is revealed that the ‘brown envelope’ that was offered Minister Soccoh Kabia was all a trap to have him under an obligation in the discharge of his duties as Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources.

Although Minister Soccoh Kabia is yet to say it all to this press, it has been confirmed that business moguls have had jolly days dragging state officials into corruption pits – making them do things the other way; corruption.

Bribery, according to the Anti Corruption Act 2008, is an offence and must be seen to be actively enforced.

Lilian, and others, must be made to answer to questions pertaining to allegations that workers of her company (Okeke Fishing Company) attempted to present a big brown envelope to a state official – to wit a Minister.

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