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No Case for Afsatu Kabba … and why not, Lilian Lisk says it all in court?

No Case for Afsatu Kabba … and why not, Lilian Lisk says it all in court?

Concerned Sierra Leoneans want the high court compel officials of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) to stir up Afsatu Kabba’s ‘lay on file’ case.  (Photo: Fish mogul, Lillian Lisk)

The unwarranted ‘lay-on-file’ of 12 count charges slammed at APC’s female politician, seemed to point accusing fingers at the ACC, questioning its conduct as having sleaze ‘Dabaroo.’

March 15 (Ides of March), or notably ‘Caesar’s Day,’ witnessed where a state Minister in the person of Afsatu Ebishola Olayinka Kabba was mortally frog matched into the well of the high court to clear criminally answer to ‘coined up’ (so to say) charges submitted against her by officials of the ACC.

On just two appearances, the bogusly preached corruption matter turned out to become one of a sinedie (otherwise referred to as ‘lay-on-file) matter.

Prior to Afsatu Kabba’s indictment by officials of the ACC, Sierra Leoneans never believed the allegations of such would have come from decade old fish mogul, Lilian Lisk.

It was all a shock to hear that Lilian Lisk was up and ready to expose how she has been bribing a state Minister.

Things went bizarre shortly after the ACC Chief Prosecutor, Calvin Mantsembo, shamefully offered no evidence on 5 counts and applied for a ‘lay-on-file’ of the remaining 12.

Public concern has questioned ACC’s unreasonable withdrawal of 17 count charges smashed on a state Minister.

Reflections, as in the minds of Sierra Leoneans, unlocked the box sealed question as to ‘why dismiss a state Minister on an allegation that was never proved in the well of a legally constituted court – high court of Sierra Leone?

To Sierra Leoneans, the name ‘Lilian Lisk’ is household word and needs not be told at all.

She is agent for a renowned fishing company – Okeke Fishing Agency, and has had her hands in fish business for decades; evading taxes.

It must be noted however that contents in the indictment chart of Afsatu Kabba came as a result of revelations in letter of complaint from Lilian Lisk to President Koroma.

Lilian Lisk, for decades, has had smooth rides in the avoidance of taxes, putting officials under pecuniary obligation and was good at dancing the ‘system’ styles.

Unconfirmed revelations say she almost surrendered ‘brown wrapper’ to the newly appointed Fisheries Minister, Soccoh Kabia, so as to lure him dancing to old tunes as was always the case.

Sources say Lilian Lisk never had the intention to take the witness podium and empty out allegations she had earlier told investigators of the ACC.

That she schemes the conduct of an investigation against Minister Afsatu Kabba because she wanted her removed from office.

Of course, it makes shaming that hidden facts; plot, ploy, trick and tactic implored against Afsatu seemed come to light glaringly.

It was expected that the ACC was to have evoked the 12 count charges it kept in dusty drawers of the high court against Afsatu Kabba, surrender factual evidences and tell Sierra Leoneans that Lilian Lisk never told lies at all.

Minds of society have had divergences of perceptions; some say Afsatu Kabba did take bribes from Lilian and others the opposite.

Could it not be the duty of the ACC to prove beyond doubt that the allegations levied against Afsatu Kabba are true or not, rather faking society that it is ‘laying-on-file’ 12 and throwing away 5?

No surprise at all that the ACC’s questioning of Afsatu on the grounds of Lilian’s corruption complaint took less than a month; the quickest and speediest of complaints ever investigated.

Schools of education think about reasons leading to the quick and hurried conclusion of Afsatu’s corruption investigation.

“ei mus bi sae something pass under di table” words of a concerned Sierra Leonean.

And it was also a surprise that Lilian Lisk, who admitted bribing Afsatu a number of times, was never questioned and cautioned, but rather made to walk through streets of Freetown freely. In Lilian’s letter to President Koroma, it was pointed out that she (Lilian) was unsatisfied at the strive of Afsatu Kabba, in the enhancement of payments of taxes by owners and agents of boats and fishing companies.

Such was confirmed in a letter of complaint she wrote to President Koroma, in which she pin pointed at two words such as ‘harass’ and ‘offering bribes’ to Afsatu, then Minister of Fisheries.

Sierra Express Media intends to publish a copy of Lilian’s letter of complaint to President Koroma.

It makes no wrong having private people complain to officials of government at all, but again, it seems terrible having notorious rogues say things that degrade public officers.

Practical observations as in contents of Lilian’s letter of complaint indicate that she is 100% blameworthy of bribery and should have been equally prosecuted.

A survey conducted disclosed how Sierra Leoneans want Lilian prosecuted for bribery.

Reflections must be drawn to serialized adverts put out by the ACC, informing the public of its stance on prosecuting persons giving bribes and those taking bribes; “u way dae take bribe en u wae gee bribe commits crime.”

Media outlets, especially radio and TV stations, have had jolly days airing jingles paid for by the ACC.

Could ACC’s ignorance of not prosecuting Lilian for bribery and corruption have the attributes of corrupt practices – exchange of a brown envelope somewhere sometime?

Public speculation reveals how the ACC neglectfully exonerating Lilian Lisk from becoming an accused or a witness on the grounds of unexplainable reason; could be high political influence or…

More to follow next edition.

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