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Sahr ‘Moku waitin’?

Sahr ‘Moku waitin’?

A reader had called to ask me who Sahr Mokuwa was and where he came from. When he said that the person was apparently from Kailahun, I remarked that it was not a common name in Luawa chiefdom Kailahun or in Kailahun district in general.  And then I read in a newspaper the following day about  the so-called philanthropist and development oriented son of Kailahun who goes by the name of Sahr Mokuwa. According to the newspaper report, the citizens of Kailahun district, including Paramount chiefs and people from all works of life were waiting to honour this hero of their district with a tumultuous welcome. He reputedly had done so much for the district that everyone to a man, would be in Kailahun to join in the welcome. Nothing happened again as far as I could recollect. It was when I went up to Kailahun in mid December that I learnt that instead of receiving their hero in the district, a large delegation had been invited to travel to Freetown with all expenses including subsistence allowance. Paid plus some more (INDUCEMENTS?). There lay the irony; instead of the citizens of the district receiving and honouring Sahr Mokuwa in the district from which he allegedly hailed, he was now engaged in offering bribes and other inducements in order to get their support for the APC. One of my cousins had actually left the coffin of my late brother Morie waiting for burial in Kailahun and travelled to Freetown to get a share of the APC largesse. Poor fellow, on his return he could not look me straight in my eyes; he was full of remorse and had only done what he did for economic reasons. This is the game the APC is up to in the district, playing on the poverty of the masses. Now the same Sahr Mokuwa who I still can’t identify with any chiefdom in the Kailahun district has organized a “Friends of President Koroma “in the district with the ultimate aim of voting APC in 2012. Honourable Moijueh Kaikai now minister o f state south will I trust remind his APC associates of the Pujehun district slang, “MEMEI GBA, KULA MEI GBA.”  (Photo: Dr. Sama Banya)

I simply won’t believe that the honourable Paramount chief Bai Shebora Kassanga of Bombali Sherbora chiefdom and Member of Parliament for Bombali district would question the right of any political party to operate in his chiefdom, let alone threaten to deal with anyone who fails to comply. I have always known this man to be an intelligent leader with a lot of common sense and can’t imagine him making a buffoon of his exalted position with reckless statements like that attributed to him. For me therefore, my brother-in-law has made no such statement or threat.

Some people proceed on safari and left the political scene for a while; not that there was anything other than sycophancy in their writings before. Then they suddenly turn up and go back to pouring out trash. JB Roy, or JB Roy Kajue who is well remembered for his bootlicking articles in the African hampion newspaper has returned to the journalistic scene apparently confused. Where do pessimism and optimism arise in my Puawui column that the man should waste his own energy in defining the words. If he expects me to join him in his praise singing of my distinguished nephew and his government then all I will say to him is “My dear Roy, you must be living in another world.”  The poor Paramount chief of Kissi Tongi chiefdom in the Kailahun district Sengu Sahr Kalan V is to be pitied; being illiterate and with an unfortunate disability, silly things are perpetrated in his name. Whoever conceived the idea of getting the chiefdom speaker Brima Kendor to issue that funny threat cannot have respect or sympathy for the Paramount Chief. Of course the threat will simply be ignored; let it also be a warning to other chiefs who may be getting over excited as 2012 approaches. LONTA!!

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