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The Amazing Story of Peter

The Amazing Story of Peter

2010 was an eventful year for us. A lot of testimonies abounds we were blessed with a new office for Jonathan kids club/ foundation. We prayed and the Lord gave us this office apartment where we can now co-ordinate the activities of the kids we rescue from the street and other under-privileged ones.

Now Peter was a vibrant boy who lives with his grandmother whose father was killed by the rebels in the ten years of rebel war here that ended in 2000.The mother walks on the street in one of the cities with mental problem.

I was mending my shoes at Allen Town junction in Freetown Sierra Leone when I had the need to bring out my Cannon digital camera bought for my work by a good American friend of mine. I was watching the photos when a lady sitting nearby peeped and saw so many photos of children we’ve been helping and she asked me if I can help a young boy of 13 years who has Inguinal hernia, a damaged left eye and a circumcision that has gone bad and the boy is about losing his penis. I immediately went with her to see the boy, after discussion, the grandmother begged me to help and that the boy was dying from pain, he cannot eat, play with friends, no money take him to hospital, he can’t even go to school etc.

I had passion on him, took his photos and sent letters out to friends and I got a positive response. I took him to the hospital, treated the penis that was getting rotten, did the hernia surgery, after about three weeks we did the eye surgery that has gotten damaged. It was replaced with an artificial one. After he was okay I asked him if he will give his life to Christ of which he said yes, we bought new clothes for him, enrolled him in school, and bought everything he needed for the school including school fees.

He now attends our church; he works in the office when he comes from school. Since then he has refused to leave me, he wants to be with me wherever I am, see Mark 5: 18-19.

The family of Peter and Esther

Peter has a twin sister whom we could not afford to leave behind in this blessing for his brother; we also enrolled her in school, and bought clothes and shoes for her and everything she needed for her studies including school fees. They both attend church regularly. This is our prayer to encourage the young ones.

Our prayer now is to be able to raise some funds to support the grandmother to be able to get involved with some form of business to be able to feed these children

In total, we have done five surgeries on kids and we presently sponsor ten children in school, we have also started a Nursery/Primary School for them.

We need your help in prayers, financial support to take more kids from streets to classroom.

You are a blessing to your generation.

Every blessing.

by Pastor Lewis, +232-77-498863

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