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I am a tribal bridge, Obai Kabia says in Dallas

I am a tribal bridge, Obai Kabia says in Dallas

Dallas, Texas, U.S.A: December 22, 2010. Obai Kabia is the fourth Presidential candidate that is aspiring for the ticket of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) nominee for the 2012 Presidential elections that has visited the metropolitan city of Dallas Forth-Worth this year.  His main message was to inform the people of Sierra Leone that he is the best Presidential candidate who has the potential of bridging the tribal boundaries between people from the North, and those from the South-East.

Kabia spoke at a very small Town Hall gathering at the Gina Hall in Dallas on Friday December 17th. Despite the low turnout of his party supporters, people who witnessed his presentation believe that they were well informed and inspired to say that Obai’s message was an appealing one. The low turnout was due to the bad weather which was 28 degrees fallen temperature. He said that despite the low turnout due to some prevailing circumstances, his message will be worthwhile to disseminate to those who does not have the chance to witness his appearance as a potential Flag bearer.

Obai met with long time Lunsar friend Amadu Jalloh

Obai Kabia, a retired employee from the United Nations in 2006, has expressed his determination to explore all his experience, using influence he acquired from the UN to make a difference in all that causes the slow development of our country if he is elected as President of Sierra Leone in 2012. He reiterated that a faithful adherence of a particular tribe for power and tribal superiority is an impediment to the values of our country.   As a noble son of a Paramount –chief, Ela Goblo Gullama from the South, and Paramount-chief, Bai Koblo Path-Bana the second from the North, could be an attractive trait that he possessed to convince the people of Sierra Leone to be the next President of Sierra Leone.

Mr. Kabia stressed that poverty in our country is due to mismanagement and corruption.  He believed that Sierra Leone needs strategic changes in how to rebuild the country by reducing corruption which he said, is a physical a defect in our country’s development. Without elaborating on how he should do to reduce poverty, the flag bearer asked for generous support from the people of Sierra Leone while assuring them that he will be an instrument to tackle our political, economic, and social hindrances.

High Table including Solomon Gembeh, SLPPNA Part Cobference Chairman

Some of Kabia’s concerns he noted were healthcare service, the middle class empowerment, and to design a system of education that will enhance features which are oriented in a specific directions. Such directions he cited, was to move children from different regions all across the country to learn different ethnic customs and values so that the disadvantage of tribalism will be weakened. When he is elected, he will move all across the country to ensure that the people of Sierra Leone would enjoy equally the basic healthcare. He added that youth empowerment is very important in sustaining the economic development growth that direly needed to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

Kabia, in his cultural attires, also addressed his audience in Creole, to ascertain that his message reach every Sierra Leonean to convince them that he is the best Presidential candidate who can defeat President Ernest Koroma based on his prominent and conspicuous part of his characters.

Sanpha Sesay, Texas Correspondent

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