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ACC Dabaroo… Afsatu Kabba’s Case Questioned!

ACC Dabaroo… Afsatu Kabba’s Case Questioned!

Concerned Sierra Leoneans have expressed interest in the Lilian Lisk/Afsatu Kabba corruption allegations.  (Photo:  Afsatu Kabba)

It could be recalled that a State Minister, in the person of Afsatu Olayinka Ebishola Kabba, was made to face 17 count charges of corruption at the high court of Sierra Leone.

Afsatu Kabba’s corruption prosecution came as a result of a letter of complaint written to President Koroma by one of Sierra Leone’s fish mogul, Lilian Lisk (Ghanaian national).

March 15, a day referred to as ‘Ides of March,’ or ‘Caesar’s day’ was Afsatu Kabba’s first court appearance to answer to 17 counts corruption allegation.

And on the same day, a release was quickly put out by the office of the President, publicizing the sacking of Afsatu Kabba as Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources.

Just after her dismissal from office, and on her next court appearance, all 17 counts slammed on her was disappointedly set aside and fresh charges, completely dissimilar proffered.

“My Lord, may I respectfully offer no evidence on 5 of the 17 counts against accused Afsatu Kabba,” Zimbabwean Calvin Mantsembo said.

“And may I also respectfully apply that the remaining 12 ‘lay-on-file’ while we continue with fresh charges put forward sir.”

Response from the judge was all in the affirmative.

Mouths of court officials went disputed when it was realized that Lilian Lisk’s corruption allegation has been shelved in dusty drawers of the court by the ACC Chief Prosecutor Calvin Mantsembo.

Sources say the withdrawal of the 17 count charges against Afsatu Kabba by the ACC was virtually a ploy to acquit Lilian Lisk from giving testimony before high court.

It must be noted however that the sacking of Afsatu Kabba as State Minister came as a result of Lilian Lisk’s overcoming allegation that she has been bribing the forenamed Minister huge amount of United State dollars on dates uncountable.

It has reached desks of this press that youth groups, human right organizations and stakeholder associations have expressed interest on ACC’s unwarranted and uncalled ‘lay-on-file’ of allegations of 17 count charges tagged on the head Sierra Leone’s female politician and two times Minister.

Sources say supporters of the APC and other youth groups seemed disgruntled over ACC’s manipulations of Lilian Lisk’s allegation against erstwhile Fisheries Minister.

Facts, as at the tables of Sierra Express Media, disclosed how Sierra Leoneans intend staging a protest calling on officials of ACC step up trial on 12 count charges codified ‘lay-on-file’ against Afsatu Kabba or have it laid off completely.

Sources say ACC officials are of the fact that Lilian Lisk is unready to appear at high court to give testimony on allegations that lead to the unwarranted sacking of a state Minister.

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