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Kanvee Adams, Liberia’s Sensational and Gospel Winning Artists Storms Hope International Church, Texas

Kanvee Adams, Liberia’s Sensational and Gospel Winning Artists Storms Hope International Church, Texas

On Sunday 12th December, Hope International Church in HEB was the place to spend the evening dancing and singing to the signature song, “You will carry my load” with Kanvee Adams, Liberia’s most sensational and gospel winning artist.  Once again, the church became the hub of attraction as hundreds of Africans and Americans living in the metroplex lined up along the church’s exterior walls, to witness Kanvee Adams launch her new album, “Weep no more”.

Liberia’s Artist of the Year award recipient, Kanvee Adams, who is well known for her international best selling hit song “You will carry my load” plus many others, is the first serious African artist in many years to perform in the HEB community.  Her decision to perform at Hope International Church is a true testimony to the growing influence of the church and its community. Thanks to the diverse group of African immigrants who work tirelessly and selflessly in the community and thus beginning to reap the benefits of “We”.

Enjoying the music of Kanvee Adams

As she performed on Sunday night, it was as though she put her whole being into the music. She sounded better than she had ever sounded before, and her beautiful voice drifted through the church’s roof.  Her music filled the sanctuary with a spirit that was enough to move the old and young, white and black as well as people of other faiths in the audience.  Her voice richly filled the audiences’ hearts and tears could be seen covering many eyes.

Kanvee Adams, born Kanvee Kamara to a Muslim Mandingo family, accepted the Lord while seeking refuge in Ivory Coast during the brutal civil war that brought the once sweet Liberia crippling to its knees.  During the interval, Kanvee Adams gave the audience a sneak peek at her past life and how she has used it to make giant strides in the lives of less fortunate children.  In her own words, “I endured persecution because of my new-found faith and became the black sheep in my family.   I slept on rice bags for many years and while others were known for good things in Cote d’Ivoire, I was called “Mammy Gateaux” (cake seller).  She admonished the audience not to give up amidst a stormy weather and to take whatever tribulations they are encountering now as a sign that God is spinning things around – ‘the making progress,’ as she spiritually puts it.

Happily married with two girls and one on the way, Kanvee started her musical sojourn in 2000 when she made the ever–popular BE LIKE JOE and has since become an annual releaser of albums that always make hits. Today, she has 8 albums under her belt.

Part of the audience enjoying the singing of Kanvee Adams

Kanvee’s tour is at the invitation of the Liberian-American Friendship Organization, LIAFO, an institution fostering US-Liberian relations and historical friendship. She visited about 6 states prior to her Texas trip.

Like other musical concerts, the best is usually saved for the last.  Kanvee Adams concert at Hope International was no exception – It ended with the much awaited hit “You will carry my load” as everyone danced their way out, they asked God to carry the Load that he had promised to carry.

Lord, while your people are prayerfully waiting for help, they have songs of joy full in their hearts!

By Christian Foday Sesay Jnr, Texas Correspondent

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    1st November 2011
  • I’m in love with this beacus am liberian
    And also mrs Adams is the best I know.
    She is a womam of GoD, good music miss….I’m here for you………………..

    1st November 2011
  • Praise the God,
    Greetings and blessings from Pakistan,
    Dear brothern,
    I am a Dr, and pastor Shahid naveed from Pakistan , I have been running a prayer group for last few years, for this , we go Door to door visit and share the word of God. we are required prayers of yours to extend this Gods work, We request you kindly start church works with us ,we are required church affiliation with your church, for encouragement in Lords work , please keep us in your prayers. And so do help in these matters, in Jesus name,
    Your brothers and sister in Christ.
    Pastor Shahid ,
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    13th October 2011

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