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Leading SLPP aspirant Usman Boie Kamara refused entry to Kono on “orders from above…”

Leading SLPP aspirant Usman Boie Kamara refused entry to Kono on “orders from above…”

It is less than two years to go before the next democratic election in Sierra Leone. As a result, the main political parties, the incumbent (APC) and the main opposition SLPP are in the process of positioning themselves strategically to win the next election which is to be held by mid 2012.  (Photo: Usman Boie Kamara)

At the moment, the APC propaganda machine is working hard to ensure it sells to the people of Sierra Leone whatever little, if any, development gains the APC has made since it assumed office in 2007.

The SLPP on the other hand, between now and March 5th 2011 is engaged in finding the most competent and suitable person amongst the 23 aspirants to be its next flag bearer.

However, supporters of the ruling APC believe they are ready to do all that is necessary to ensure the party rules for a second term.

From all indications, it is becoming apparent that the APC will not rule out the tactics of continued intimidation on the opposition SLPP and their key contenders in the flagbearership race.

Amongst the 23 SLPP aspirants, the name Usman Boie Kamara (aka UBK, or Usu Boie) is making the APC very uncomfortable. There is a feeling the APC have started demonstrating what they have in store for UBK if he emerges as the SLPP flagbearer come March 5th 2010 at the SLPP convention in Freetown.

On Thursday, 9th December 2010, Usu Boie and his supporters left Freetown in a convoy for Kono to canvas and mobilise Kono residents to vote for the SLPP aspirant Mr. Safoa Matturi in the Kono District Chairmanship Bye-election scheduled for Saturday, 11th December 2010.

However, it came as a shock when Usu Boie and his supporters were refused entry into Kono by the police who claimed they received “orders from above.”

At the Jaiama Sewafeh checkpoint, the Sierra Leone Police Local Unit Commander for Mortema, one Momodu Koroma and his team broke the news of the refusal of entry to UBK and his supporters.

Since their arrival at the Jaiama Sewafeh checkpoint at around midday up until 5:00 p.m. they did not succeed in negotiating their entry into Kono. UBK called the Inspector General of Police commonly known as I.G. Munu in Freetown but this could not change the “orders from above.”

This action by the police, and from whomever the orders to stop UBK from entering Kono came from, shows that it is planned and targeted on this one man. The major questions now are; why SLPP executive members and all aspirants for the flagbearership, except for UBK, were allowed to enter Kono? Does this mean that the name USMAN BOIE KAMARA poses a threat to the ERNEST BAI KOROMA APC government?

According to witnesses, UBK demonstrated his leadership qualities again. He maintained peace and followed procedures by informing all stakeholders including the PPRC. He further spoke to his supporters to exercise patience.

Some people observed that the APC was hoping for some reaction from UBK so as to blame him for the Kono incident less than one month ago. However, the formidable UBK did not fall for the plan. Readers may recall that around the 13th November, 2010 members of the SLPP and aspirants for the flagbeareship, including UBK, were attacked by APC supporters. It came as a surprise when Usu Boie and his supporters demonstrated bravery and stood up to the attackers and ended up apprehending two perpetrators and handed them over to the police.

Whatever the intention of the “orders from above,” and the actions of the police in Kono, UBK is at the moment continuing to build on the gains he has made so far in winning the hearts and minds of the SLPP delegates in the March 5th Convention and sharing his vision for Sierra Leone, and Sierra Leoneans as a whole.

The future of Sierra Leone is in the hands of the SLPP delegates. It is hoped citizens will act wisely and elect UBK come March 5th so as to defeat the APC and free Sierra Leoneans from intimidation and violence.

UBK will be officially launching his campaign in Freetown on Saturday, 18th December 2010.

It is hoped the APC will endeavour to be more civilised and drop the politics of intimidation. The world is watching.

Mariama Samba

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