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Cabinet Reshuffle – SLPP Loses Two to APC

Cabinet Reshuffle – SLPP Loses Two to APC

Strong SLPP politicians have their names in the list of Presidential nominees for cabinet positions.

JB Dauda, one time SLPP Finance Minister, and Borbor Sawyer, current SLPP MP, will soon face parliament in the enhancement of their approval as Ministers to respective Ministerial positions of government.

J.B Dauda, according to a State House press release, has been appointed as Sierra Leone’s Foreign Minister whilst his counterpart, Hon. Borbor Sawyer, as Deputy Minister of Health.

Sources say APC’s appointment of SLPP J.B Dauda and Hon. Borbor Sawyer, gives a picture of political ‘game play’ in the infiltration of strongholds of the SLPP in Kailahun.

Findings have shown that J.B Dauda is listed among politicians whose everyday conducts are tagged to as ‘political prostitutes’ – yesterday SLPP, today APC and tomorrow elsewhere.

It must be noted however that the ushering of JB Dauda in the kingdom of politics was spearheaded by the late Sallia Jusu Sheriff.

The Sallia who stage-managed the formation of a constituents in Kenema for J.B Dauda, using his wife Theresa Ganda, as a spring board owing to her popularity as nursing sister.

It has reached the desk of this press that the sacking of Serry Kamal and David O. Carew, came as a surprise to most of APC core members.

Sources say senior SLPP members have expressed disappointment over the recent nomination of Hon. Borbor Sawyer.

It is said to have been attributed that Hon. Borbor Sawyer on a number of occasions has toed lines of APC against the party he used to represent in parliament.

It could be recalled that Borbor Sawyer, in months past, was accused by top SLPP officials as having deep dealings with the APC than his party SLPP.

Although efforts to get comments from J.B Dauda and Borbor Sawyer proved futile, it has reached this press that the appointed of all two SLPP big fishes had longed been planned.

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  • HI Mr Editor of SEM,
    I want you to note that J.B Dauda does not belong to APC nor SLPP but rather a very strong member of “AGIP” i.e Any Government In Power.I only hope that he will serve us deligently.Meanwhile my leader should try to avoid appointing parliamentarian into ministrial position as it is going to cost the country alot of money and other resources to conduct bye elections.If they are approved bye elections will have to be conducted in Freetown to replace Victoria and in Kailahun to replace Borbor Swayer.This chest game of trying to test the inroads our party has made in kailahun in my views is very imature.However, let wait and see.

    6th December 2010

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