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American Soldier Caught With Military Uniforms

American Soldier Caught With Military Uniforms

An American who claimed to be a retired but reserve soldier in America was yesterday frog matched to the CID for unlawful possession of boxes of military fatigues.

Edward Bradley Owen, acclaimed American soldier was arrested by a team of police officers at his Hill Station residence at 6:00 a.m. whilst enjoying all night sleep.

Police sources say Edward Bradley has been a staff sergeant in United States Army but met his retirement in 2006.

He is said to have reached Sierra Leone shortly after his retirement and owns two security companies.

Edward Bradley was last seen wearing green military trousers and a military butt while at the Major Incident Support Team office to answer to contemporaneous questions put to him by police officers attached to CID Freetown.

Sources say Edward Bradley boisterously told the police that asking him why having boxes of uniforms at his disposal could as well mean asking the Germans not to sell to the public.

His reply infuriated minds of the investigators into telling him that law are disagreeable according to jurisdictions.

The arrested American is said to have slept in cells yesterday and was up until press time still in hands of the police pending investigation.

Could he be a terrorist or is the American in clandestine activities?

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  • HA HA he txt my brother so many times telling his bad words and my brother say wt go round com round. Just cos you pay da police and have guns you think you are tough guy, but my brother put you on your ass!!!

    We sing a song: Mr. Brad you so bad now you are had, HA HA.

    He a stupid man always lie and cheat, just cos he have da money he get away wit da stuff he do, now the White Devil get his justice Salone Style!

    27th December 2010
  • i knew brad owens between 2006-2009 while he lived in Augusta, GA. A terrorist? No. A coniving corrupt douchebag, Yes!

    he was always telling fish-tales too big for his britches and nobody really had a good view of him except for the woman that he married, whom is the one that I worry for.

    though I do not wish him harm. I can only say that karma’s a bitch.

    22nd December 2010
  • Guys,

    Just because he is American and blood leaching locals want his money, come on 2 companies, so he’s doing well! So what, he has some mil uniforms, its urban wear for most of us.

    Like I said the guy is doing well, he has 2 helicopters, armed OSD, works with the Embassy, trains police and the Army with weapons. So it is clear that the uniforms are for work.

    Everyone picks on us Americans because we are the best, so you all try to find one little thing, and this is the dumbest this I have heard of!

    Just think Obama is saving your asses!!! Doing this to a US citizen will not be a smart thing.

    6th December 2010

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