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Usman Boie Kamara – I will turn Western Area green in 2012

Usman Boie Kamara – I will turn Western Area green in 2012

The race for the SLPP flag bearer among the 23 aspirants continues. Over the weekend, Usman Boie Kamara (in photo), a.k.a UBK a leading contender in the flag bearer race, continued to send shock waves in Sierra Leone as he officially declared his candidature to the people of the Southern Region of Sierra Leone.

Hundreds of people including; SLPP Southern Region Executive, youths, traditional leaders, women’s groups, the mayor of Bo City, as well as strong APC supporters  on Friday 19th November 2010 received UBK and his campaign team at the Bo Highway.

He was ushered into the Hanger Town Mosque for Friday prayers wherein he met with cross sections of the Muslim leaders present. After which, UBK and  his delegation led by scores of bike riders and cultural mask devils  as they tour the street of Bo on foot. Throughout the six mile procession, the jubilant crowd could not seize their singing and dancing before stopping for lunch at the Family Guest House.

It was a struggle for UBK to make his way through the eagerly awaited crowed to listen to him deliver a message of hope for the party in the 2012 election. The jam packed hall at the SLPP Southern Region office, listened as UBK sheared his vision and message of victory that will see SLPP bounce back to power come 2012.

Although the declaration ceremony was held in the SLPP office in BO this could not stop strong APC supporters attending the event all because of UBK’s presence. They were not shy to join SLPP supporters shower praises on the elegant man who says very little but, full of action.

As he outlined his vision for the party and the country, UBK echoed with humility that with him as flag bearer, SLPP are best placed to defeat the APC in the 2012 general election. He hoped that, SLPP supporters and delegates in the March 2011 convention will believe in him to lead the SLPP to victory again. He is confident that, he has what it takes to achieve victory for the SLPP in 2012 as well as the experience and skills needed to lead in rebuilding a new Sierra Leone.

In his statement, he committed that his leadership will see SLPP gain at least 50 percent of the Western Area vote, as well as a substantial vote increase in the Koinadugu and Kambia Districts. It may be recalled that, during the 2007 elections, SLPP as a sitting government, performed poorly in the Western Area with only 30 percent votes and no parliamentary seat. Also, in Koinadugu and Kambia only won two and one seats respectively. Therefore, a 50 parent vote and minimum of 15 parliamentary seats in the western area and substantial in roads in the North remains crucial for a SLPP victory. This challenge UBK commits to take forward and deliver.

Usman Boie Kamara is a household name in Freetown and other regions where he had worked during his 37 years as a public servant.  He is known for his ability to mix and rub shoulders with people from varied background regardless of their ethnic, religious and social standing. His band of friends includes not only the successful, but young disable people as well. His popularity was showcased few weeks back when the formidable UBK was accompanied by over a thousand of his supporters including disabled youth on crutches and wheel chairs to the party’s headquarter to pay his remaining candidature fee of forty million Leones.

UBK is well respected among the people who are fortunate to have worked or do business with him. Most believe that he is a man with immense leadership qualities. He is known to be able to lead from the front and back and during challenging times as well.  Therefore, his supporters are ready to work with him under any circumstances. The attack on SLPP supporters in Kono by APC thugs lead by one Adamou, recently manifest how far those in his campaign team are ready to stand by him under any circumstance.

UBK and his supporters stood their ground to protect other aspirants and supporters from brutal attack by APC thugs. His supporters eventually arrested some of the APC perpetrators and handed them over to police. His gallantry display and his supporters bravery was acknowledged by the National Executive Committee of the SLPP. Although, UBK has always been known as a peaceful man, he is capable to standby and protects Sierra Leoneans as and when necessary. It is clear that with him as president, Sierra Leone is assured of a great commander in Chief. However, this is only possible if SLPP delegates at the March 2011 convention will do justice to Sierra Leone and elect Usman Boie Kamara as the flag bearer. But, all the speakers on the could not stop saying what a great candidate UBK is.

Throughout UBK’s declaration tour, he has been well received in all the places he had visited including BO on Friday.  The highlight of his declaration in BO on was to see a stung APC supporter and activist Abdul Colombia Sesay, confessing that because of UBK he has agreed to drop the red shirt and join the SLPP for good. UBK in the presence of supporters, the Mayor of BO and the SLPP regional secretary and chairman of the occasion Mr. Francis L. Hindowa presented Abdul with his SLPP membership card. As in many other places before, UBK’s popularity saw APC Councillors and youths confessed joining the SLPP.

As he takes his campaign to all Sierra Leoneans, it will be interesting to see how many more converts will cross over from APC to SLPP. The UBK 2012 campaign declare next in Kenema District, United States of America on the 29th November and the United Kingdom on the 5th December 2010.

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