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With all our riches, government should step up in the fight against illiteracy

With all our riches, government should step up in the fight against illiteracy

Another  good news  for  Sierra Leone, more oil has been discovered at the Sierra Leone,  Liberia basin,  this indicates that there  is enough  oil  in a commercial  quantity  that should bring immense benefit to the people of Sierra Leone.  Sierra Leone has the world’s most wanted minerals ,  and I don’t think  Sierra Leonean has  any business in being poor, we should be proud of oneself for all what God has given us , this means better and free primary education for  our young stars,  it means  decent salaries  for  all working Sierra Leoneans, it means  advance infrastructures being put in place,  it means we should top the human development  index at  third place, it means  free and good health systems in place, it means  good governance and political tolerance,  it means corrupt free Sierra Leone.  (Photo:  Ibrahim Worneh)

I think what government  should be considering  doing now is to step up the fight  against  illiteracy to bring a most needed skill to Sierra Leoneans to enable them to participate  in all mineral exploration  processes, if government is serious of alleviating poverty it should educate its citizen by empowering them to work and reap the God-given benefit  from these minerals, because our country is endowed with rich minerals in that every Sierra Leonean shouldn’t think of going to work in  oversea,  God has so much  love  for our country but as far as I am concerned   most of the trauma we have gone  through in our country is as a result of our negative attitude  towards each other and we need to change  this attitude, bitterness, anger, malice, envy, jealousy, vindictiveness , arrogance, pride, lack of respect for each other.

Sierra Leoneans have the world’s most wanted minerals  and most of these minerals are in commercial quantities, now it  is left  to us to please God by following his seventh  commandment   which says love your neighbor as  you love yourself,  this command says it all.

If we follow this command  we will flourish in prosperity and  this will help our leaders to manage and  put good policies in place that will benefit   not only this present  generation, but our unborn children  as the  bible says righteousness exalt a nation so our leader  must be corrupt free and hard working,  there is no different between we and the rich nations,  the reasons is that  these countries love their  citizens so much that they invested in educating their people, and  love their neighbors as they love themselves,   not  misusing or putting money that belongs to their citizens  in their own pockets.

As we are gradually moving towards election year we need to show to the international community that we are far more mature for democracy and ready for economic prosperity by avoiding violence, and  vote rigging,  let the SLPP and APC love each other  as they love themselves, because most of those who incite violence are those who are power hungry they want power by all cost even at a cost of human blood to enrich themselves,  but they are failing to realize that the electorate has the final saying.

We as patriotic Sierra Leoneans don’t really care  who is in power whether  it is the APC, SLPP,  PMDC,  or NDA, what we want  is a leader who is development  oriented, a leader who loves his people, a leader who will love to see Sierra  Leone at the highest  point of the human development  index ,  that’s exactly what we have seen President Koroma doing, we have seen new roads being constructed, new investors  pouring in,  jobs are being created, constant electricity  and more dams are  under construction, we have seen Sierra Leone is making progress in fighting corruption  and now oil has been discovered.  I am an SLPP  supporter but most of the development taking place now  has never happened in the history of Sierra Leone,  so once again we want to see more development  taking place so SLPP will you please give development a chance? You spent eleven years in power with nothing significant to boast of .

Ibrahim J Worneh, South Africa

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