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The Dream Team

ALL OUT – the hottest music group in the United States came on the scene this past summer of 2010 with their hit single Make Salone.  The group which is made up of three artists JAY- MANE, SARAYA, and LYNY-J released their first single this past summer. The song which catches the attention of all Sierra Leoneans in the United States and in Europe became a hit song because of the lyrical message it sends out to the Sierra Leonean people all over the world.  (Photo:  ALL OUT)

Make Salone preaches about togetherness, peace, and the development of Sierra Leone. The lyrics of the song do not attack any political party but attack Sierra Leoneans all over the world to come together and help build Mama Salone. The campaign to Make Salone has become the first priority for ALL OUT they have been going around the USA spreading the word to the African Communities.

ALL OUT’s goal is to preach the word to all Sierra Leoneans all over the world, and they think if all Sierra Leoneans, all over the world, can contribute a little of their help in any way to help build Sierra Leone, the country can develop in many ways.

ALL OUT are doing it in their own way through music, their ambition is to put the music of Sierra Leone and Sierra Leone as a country on the International map.  “We want people to listen and watch Sierra Leone music and video on TV, radio stations and night clubs in the United States just like other songs. Since we came on the scene this past summer we thank God for the success so far. We have only released three songs from our upcoming album, ‘Make Salone,’ ‘Facebook Lover’ and ‘Swagger’ for promo and we have already been on tour and doing shows. After we released Make Salone we went on tour with American Artists in the US which was sponsored by Dhrama TV. The tour was in New York, Philly, Atlanta, and Miami and we were the only African artists on the roster. I think we are the first African artists in the US that have done that, gone on tour and done shows without our album being out yet.  So we thank God for the success,” they stated.

ALL OUT has a very big fan base in the USA already, both with the African and American community. ALLOUT did a free show with Tegloma, (a nonprofit organization that helps people in Sierra Leone) to help them raise money for a hospital in Sierra Leone.

“We are dedicated to work with any organization or person that is dedicated to help build Sierra Leone,” the group stated.

Website www.alloutrecord.com

By Abu Kamara, USA

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  • i love the music of all out so much but what i want to say is that we the sierra leoneans who are out of the country want help build the country but the people them self who are in the country dont want to help.
    when every you send money to them to doe some thing in other to help build country it will eat the money and they will not doe what you ask them to doe with the money .
    thank you very much for the music and keep on the good work
    we love sierra leone


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