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Easy Ride President Koroma – Hill Cut potholes sealed!

Easy Ride President Koroma – Hill Cut potholes sealed!

Hill Cut Road, the way that leads to President Koroma’s Hill Station Lodge was up until time of APC’s 36 months celebration clogged with potholes.

Sierra Express Media being the only newspaper to question the uncalled for lack of knowledge of government to cause repairs on the road leading to the President resident, called APC’s 36 birth celebrations as irresponsible and untimely.

Of course, it was the intention of this press and that of Sierra Leoneans, to have President Koroma enjoy a smooth ride after a day’s work.

Such as said above, demonstrates Sierra Express Media’s uncompromising stance, bashing and pin pointing the rotten conduct of persons appointed to hold public positions.

No wonder, the adage as used in the Creole parlance: “Salone Man Lek Iron Hand,” meaning that Sierra Leoneans fear those treating them with iron hand, makes frequent in the mouths of good number of persons.

At just a publication, workers have had themselves busy in the repairs of potholes on Hill Cut Road.

To Sierra Leoneans, it is no secret that almost 80% of roads in Freetown have contained bubbles of gutter potholes.

Nobody, not even the under age will say they are sightlessly unaware of government’s ignorance to bad roads in the country.

Unfortunate to it all was the fact that Hill Cut Road; a road that is used almost every other day by President Koroma was made to boorishly allowed go bad.

Although the SLRA has engaged its engineers in having potholes along Hill Cut Road sealed, observers say the APC never wanted to repair it had Sierra Express Media not made big noise over it.

Anyway, for the sake of our readership onto whom our loyalty lays, it is our pleasure to inform you all that the road leading to President Koroma’s lodge – Hill Cut is now under repair.

Again, apart from Hill Cut Road, almost all the roads in the city have plenty of potholes.  Government must be reminded of its obligation to serve the electorates.

The announcement that explained the construction of 30 new roads in Freetown, was of course a laudable venture, but it will serve best if usable roads in the city are repaired.

While we prepare for the construction of alleged roads, it will make sense if 30% of the bulk of money set aside to make all 30 roads could be used in the sealing of the nasty potholes along the roads in Freetown.

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  • I think pressuring officers for the right course is good as long as it doesn’t have an hidden political agenda.
    Honestly speaking our country is backward in all sphere of infrastructure. This damage was not done last night . when you visit other developing country in Africa , one will really feel sad for mama Salone . she is suffering at the hands of her children .
    Somebody has to start some where because there is a lot to do . So kudos to EBK for setting the pace . Without modern infrastructure country wide our nation, poverty will always be naked .

    30th September 2010

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