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Majority Leader raps members of the JABC and Nassar Ayoub

Majority Leader raps members of the JABC and Nassar Ayoub

The Majority Leader of Parliament, Honorable S.B.B Dumbuya, on Thursday 23rd September 2010, assured members of the Journalists for Attitudinal and Behavioural Change (JABC) and Nasser Ayoub (in photo), that President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, is a sober minded President that listens to the voice of the “ordinary man” in the country, and will definitely look into Ayoub’s demands and recent crusade of his citizenship rights since he was born and breed in Sierra Leone.

“As a responsible government we need to do things systematically, because there are lots of implications on this, we have not yet received the draft laws, we are waiting for it so that we can have equal debate on it” so says the Majority Leader of Parliament in assurance to Nasser Ayoub and members of the JABC.

The Majority Leader was responding to questions posed to him by members of the JABC together with Ayoub who paid a courtesy call on him, at his office in parliament, Tower Hill, Freetown.

It could be noted that this issue of citizenship prompted a serious debate in the media and other civil society bodies, to mount up a robust campaign for the government to see reasons to hastily repeal that particular clause in our constitution “ of Negro African Descent” that  is seen as not friendly at all.

However, the Minister of Information and Communication, Alhaji, Ibrahim Ben Kargbo, had explained to Journalists and the Nation, that Nasser Ayoub has the right to his demands and pointed out that “the new position of government as to what will determine an individual to be a citizen of Sierra Leone is already incorporated into the draft. If the draft goes out in the form of a referendum then automatically the citizenship law will be changed.  So what I can tell Mr. Ayoub is that let him wait until after the review because we cannot change the laws now”, I.B Kargbo advised.

Nasser Ayoub has broken his silence on the issue of nationality prejudice in Sierra Leone. The activist who was born in Sefadu, Kono District in 1971 to Dr. Soko-Tamba, said he is among hundreds of other Sierra Leoneans who have suffered discrimination since birth and therefore called on the authorities to put an end to all forms of racial discrimination.

In another development, through the “One Love Campaign”, a musical song competition is ongoing aiming at preaching against discrimination in all forms and there are also attractive prices to be won. As planned, the winner apart from the grand prize will be opportune to record an album of his choice, whilst all songs presented to the panel of judges will be automatically put into one an album that will precede a grand concert at the National Stadium, at a date to be announced later. However, this is all aimed at helping the President and the Government of Sierra Leone in rebranding this country and supporting the president’s clarion call for Attitudinal and Behavioral Change, which is a prerequisite for development.

Editayo Temple, Freetown

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  • Sierra Leone is a soft point in international politics .Gaining citizenship would pave the way to materialize plans such as turing the mineral rich areas in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia into a rebeldom.Charles Taylor with his collaborators actually succeed in archiving their goal. The new citizen would argue on ethnic ground for independence . As seen most recently in Europe. Some quarters would discribe aspiration for independence a ”domino effect ” or should I say ” proxy warfare” example are east /west relation, Islamic/western civilization standoff,I could go on forever.Therefore would orchestrate such discrepancy in the best of their own needs.Unfortunately the interest of the people on the ground would no longer be a priority . As they assumed it to be in Kosova ‘s independence from Serbia . South Ossetia and Abkhazia Independence from Georgia .After Georgia fought a brief war with the Russian Federation . My question is why would a philanthropist and successful business so desperately want to gain ccitizenship in a poor country like Sierra Leone ?if this does not sum up to an elaborate plan , indeed very thoughtful toward annexation of the mineral rich domains in Sierra Leone , Guinea and Liberia? As we try to protect the rights of others we should not extinguish the rights of other during the Process . Or is it an axiom that the survival of others depend on the extinction of others? Actually the Lebanese community during President Steven regime never aspired to gain more civil liberties .Steven nurtured the Lebanese community into the most strategic commodity of the country.Was he a thoughtful man not to have given them those civil rights ? Or is its just business as usual?

    27th September 2010

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