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Catherine Katimu Kamara was a schoolgirl when she decided that she wanted to be an investigative journalist, to “go out there” and make a difference. In May 2014,

Democracy can be said to be a dynamic political concept embracing the social, economic and cultural fabric of a people, striving for their welfare and the enhancement of

“Moses law”-“You do me, a do you” Many of us grew up citing “Moses law” as the generally accepted law of revenge. How despicable this was, when you could

GENEVA ( 12 February 2014) – Sierra Leone’s record on women’s rights will be examined by the UN Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against

The Lebanese community in Kenema raised concern over the sledgehammer of discrimination meted out to them by some Sierra Leoneans.   The Lebanese, like their counterparts, the Fullahs, Indians,

Discriminatory social institutions formal and informal laws added to norms and practices that limit their social and economic opportunities, women are all fired up and they just can’t

Sierra Leone football is currently a time bomb which will explode anytime this month after the FIFA Executive Committee’s final decision.  The key players will be held responsible

Arab women have shown that women can play important roles in revolutionary events. In Egypt and Tunisia they participated in the popular uprisings for democracy. “The women contributed

Job seekers and opportunists in both political parties have used the above labels to continue dividing the nation. They fail to realize that absent the rhetoric, we are