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Corruption at Births & Deaths Office

Corruption at Births & Deaths Office

The officials of the Department of Births and Deaths have had themselves overindulging into heavy weight corruption.

Sierra Express Media has received piles of information indicting personnel of the Department of Births and Deaths that they are demanding Le 25,000 from the public for a copy of a birth certificate.

It must be noted that the official price per birth certificate is Le 5,000. Our ace media man was at the Births and Deaths office on Rawdon Street where he saw officials demanding Le25,000 from persons applying for a birth certificate. In essence, individuals are forced to pay extra Le20.000 if they are to secure a birth certificate.

It was also observed that the manner in which officials of Births and Deaths interacted with the public is uncalled for and totally unprofessional.

A worker whose name is told as Mrs.Mansaray attached to Birth archive department, on Monday 12th September at almost 9:30 a.m, intentionally refused searching for the birth certificate of one Mrs. Herriatte Peterson who complained such was missing. It was observed that the aforementioned Births and Deaths worker ignored searching for copies of missing certificate of Mrs. Peterson because her hands were not greased.

Our reporter was able to confirm from three Sierra Leoneans that paid 16.500, 15.000 and 12,500 respectively to enable them secure their birth certificates.

It could be recalled that government realizes little or virtually nothing from Births and Deaths department. Much of what is generated by that department goes into the pockets of individuals.

Several complaints have reached this press that personnel of the office of Births and Deaths at all times have in their possessions receipt books and that they use same in the issuance of receipt to persons paying for birth certificates.

It stands indisputable that the Births and Deaths office is now a ‘free for all’ department; a justification of which explains where a Delta Police Officer was caught impersonating as a worker of Births and Deaths.

That the alleged Delta Police Officer was let loose and allowed to go free.

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  • First i should commend you ,Donstance, for a great piece on a very important subject, corruption. My quetion is under which ministry of the Goverment does that dept. operate? It would be a good idea to bring such practices to the attention of the ministry/minister as the case may be. Good work kep it up.


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