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Nasser Ayoub may have a point – Info minister

Nasser Ayoub may have a point – Info minister

Information minister Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo has told journalists at the government’s weekly press briefing last Thursday that Nasser Ayoub has the right to demand for his citizenship rights.

Kargbo who was responding to a question posed to him by  a journalist on the government’s position  on the controversial  citizenship debate said,  “I listened to his claims, he has the right to demand for his citizenship. All I can say is that this is already part of the draft of the reviewed constitution and you know that when a constitution is reviewed there are certain entrenched clauses which require a referendum,’’ he said whilst adding that “the new position of government as to what will determine an individual to be a citizen of Sierra Leone is already incorporated into the draft.

If the draft goes out in the form of a referendum then automatically the citizenship law will be changed.  So what I can tell Mr. Ayoub is that…  may he please wait until after the review because we cannot change the laws now.

The Information minister said in as much as Ayoub may have a point, he is also urging him to work within the law.  “He may have the right but I want him to work within the law.  I would do the same if I had a child in the United States or England who is denied his or her citizenship”.”

Most Sierra Leoneans and civil society groups have settled that a review of the country’s constitution on what should determine a citizen is long overdue.

The Human Rights Commission, the latest body, described the laws as archaic and urged the authorities to take a second look at it.  Ayoub claims he has suffered discrimination since birth simply because of his skin colour.  The proprietor of  Hotel Africanus and Free Radio threatens to go on a hunger strike if he does not get his full citizenship right.  It is not yet clear as we go to press if Mr. Ayoub has gone on his planned hunger strike.

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  • Nasser Ayoub , A physiological point of view you are a manipulator rather a trick, infringing into domains that have their principle of sustenance set.You are exploiting Sierra Leone ‘s staunched relationship with it allies . Using our principles of government to Black mail the people of sierra Leone . The right thing that you would have done are as follows
    A Ask for a pardon that you ancestor’s had been notorious thieves . Who had smuggled our Strategic natural resources . As a result we have poverty in the country which had leads us into a savage civil war. Yet you have the audacity’ to claim citizenship. My question here is why don’t you verbalize you true thoughts about the people of sierra Leone like you would have done in your back yard or kitchen.
    Ask for pardon that they infected the common man of sierra Leone with corruption
    During childhood your parents induced the knowledge that you are not a Sierra Leonean .You had many relationship with the local girls but never married any one of those ladies , oh what a shame it would had brought to your family.
    The world is watching your very closely . We know for sure you are now trying to get back to Sierra Leone ,because you have realized that elsewhere your illegal practices of business is outlawed. Elsewhere you certainly can’t manage , You are used to easy money , elsewhere you have to obey the laws of the state or you will end up in prison . Most importantly you can’t trade their strategic products whether it ‘s natural resources or intellectual without criminal consequences. Unfortunately its rather too late now . Taking about citizenship even the united states would soon amend it immigration policies to pave the way for its citizen in business commerce etc. One more thing have you ever read about the treatment of the Palestinians immigrants in Lebanon? My question is if you so dearly or rather insolently want a change in Sierra Leone ‘s constitution , you must first of all go and change that of the Lebanese state . To meet with those rights you are already enjoying in Sierra Leone.You are still welcome in Lebanon. We are just coming out from a long civil For god sake don’t provoke yet another war, or Should I assume that your intent with your Campaign is to instigate yet another war? .The people of Sierra Leone are tired with your Tricks.

    23rd September 2010
  • TNX ISATU, IM not a lebanese for god’s sake… whats wrong with people at times? simple, RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION JUST BECAUSE OF MY SKIN COLOUR, OH MY GOD…

    21st September 2010
  • But he’s not a Lebanese…the fact is, he was born and brought up in mama salone how can you call him a lebanese? that’s just not fair to the young man…

    Pato why can’t you at least go and open up a shop out there f/town or sierra leone as a whole? And I don’t think any sierra leone had been stop from doing buz in his or her home country, so I’m just not sure of what you are talking about

    “I am sure most Sierra Leoneans living in sierra Leone will be happy to trade places with them.” the people are doing what they do, why can’t you do yours and what right for you?

    15th September 2010
  • If this guy is so concerned about human rights, why cant he start with rights of black people in lebanon……and pls dont compare black people in the UK/US (the west)SL never invaded/occupied lebanon the WEST did SL….so there is a long history there…..instead of using the internet, why dont you try treating the people of Salone with a bit of respect….infact open a facebook accout detailing the treatment our PEOPLE have to put up with on a daily bases in there own LAND from you lebanese……You should be ashamed of yourself really……

    PATO…could not have put it better….

    Pato on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 9:35 pm

    Funny how the labanese community are crying about been treated differently. I am sure most Sierra Leoneans living in sierra Leone will be happy to trade places with them.

    14th September 2010
  • 1 love brother…

    13th September 2010
  • Nasser Ayoub again on the sport light!!!That’s your right man, they can’t dash it to you but you deserve for you are born Sierra Leonean..Give it to him!

    12th September 2010

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