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Do these so called editors understand the issues?

Do these so called editors understand the issues?

Some pro APC propagandists appear not to really understand some of the issues about which they write, sometimes spreading their confused logic over several pages of their newspapers. How often have I reminded them of Shaki’s adage, to “Engage brain before engaging mouth.’’  If only they carried out a little investigation so as to arm themselves with basic facts it would save them embarrassments in hindsight. (Photo: Dr. Sama Banya)

Last week it was announced that a Togolese lawyer representing the families of the victims of the Paramount helicopter crash at Lungi airport which had claimed the lives of all 23 passengers on board had issued a writ of summons against the Sierra Leone government. I am not sure how many people were au fait with the legal grounds for the action and the SLBC took pains to get various people concerned with the facts to educate the listening public. Without the benefit of some of the facts elicited, the APC mouthpiece the Torchlight newspaper which is not generally credited with well researched stories came out with a blazing front page headline, “SLPP government shames Salone.” The newspaper then went into a lot of words in criticizing the previous SLPP government in its handling of the affair. How I wish that in its own interest the editor had waited for the basic facts. But it was the SLPP and the miserable man smelt blood.

What are the facts of the case? In 2007, members of the Togolese football team and their officials, along with a minister were on a chartered Paramount helicopter flight from the Paramount helipad in Aberdeen to the Lungi international airport to board a plane for their return flight to Lome when the engine caught fire as it approached the runway. It landed in flames which could not be put out and all on board perished.

Our minister of Transport and communication Dr. Prince Harding visited the spot and as is done elsewhere tendered his resignation to facilitate an inquiry into the crash.

From what has been officially released so far, the International Civil Aviation Organisation was contacted to initiate an independent expert investigation into the course of the crash. It has also been released that the Togolese government also sent an expert to the scene. Contrary to wild rumours it has been confirmed that the helicopter WAS INDEED LICENSED and INSURED. The owner of the company himself visited Sierra Leone. These technical investigations do take time and for us it was a time of hectic political activities in spite of which President Tehan-Kabbah visited the scene.

The Paramount helicopter company is wholly private owned with no Sierra Leone shareholding, not even by the government. The Togolese government and the representatives of the victim’s families were said to have been fully informed of the proceedings. Somewhere along the line the matter was not pursued with the company’s owners.

Now the government is being sued but on what grounds?  Failure to prevent the crash? Allowing a non airworthy helicopter to fly, with unqualified pilots who incidentally also lost their lives?

In what I would only describe as irresponsible journalism, without being possession of these and other facts the Torchlight newspaper editor blasts the then government of shaming Sierra Leone, HOW? Was it the legal responsibility of the Sierra Leone government to pursue insurance claims for the victims of a private foreign owned craft? Is it not absolutely reckless and irresponsible for a biased and ignorant editor to blot out that the SLPP government shamed the country? When, but oh when will these yeliba editors educate themselves on the basic principles of running a reliable news medium?

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  • Bai bureh Bangura, if that happens to be your real name,I think this moment of reality ‘you should shut it’ and not Yankay. What have you learned about the Gulf -nothing. so stopping damming people narrating the truth. This old Banya is a disgrace, he is now becoming a political nuisance and a waste of valuable space with sierra express media in S/leone. Where are your parents living? Is it in the wretched Sierra leone as you deemed it to be. It is not the country in the early and mid 2000. I can assure you Since 2007 we have changed every old dead system. All development plans have been activated -No Parking, No waiting. meet us in Koindu- kailahun. You seem to dislike the truth but if you are anywhere on earth, come down to Sierra Leone and see with your naked eyes the real development going on in our beloveth S/leone which has been a laughing last number in the world index. Thanks to your Guys.. Lastly, I will advise you, please if you are a true born Sierra leonean stop branding your home country a wretched place. You have to be proud of your home. Remember, There is no place like home. Lonta.

  • Baibureh keep quit too. I know better than you when it come to the gulf Crisis you are talking about . This is about responsibility . Stick to the topic or the scenario am writing about . You are going off track my brother . I am not fighting or bickering about party issue . I am talking about a humanitarian disaster here which is a diservice to the people of Togo . Imagine it was the opposite what will you do if you are in charge ?. The 1988 lockerbie bombing hope you have a clue who are exerting the pressure on the libyan government. In the case of paramount airlines as a private company it was the duty of any Sierra Leone govt to exert pressure on the company to compensate the victims concerned . Now paramount is defunct the CEO is nowhere to be seen . Who bear the brunt the government of the day . So my fool brother before you start abusing know what you are talking about . There are many plane crashes happening in the world , victim families are often compensated ethically. But when it comes to Africa my dear brother it takes precise pressure to put ethics in place.
    Sierra Leone , My brother will not remain to be wreached as you say by God’s power . I and many of us out there has hope in our country. We are going to be fifty true it has nothing to do with the topic am discussing here . Like any other nation on planet earth it has it turbulence history and SL is no exception . I am not a political fanatic because I depend on the Almighty God and my hardwork to survive in this planet . One thing I have to make clear is that I will support any person being him or her slpp,Apc etc has long as that person is developmental oriented. Practically not just talking it . I will support the leader of the day as it was prophecies rulers are God agent’s and especially if he or she is matching words to deeds.
    Since you have measured politics in this let me clearify a point here It was recently that I started showing more interest in partism because when SLPP was in power I visited SL throughout there reign I was 99% disappointed with the development of the country . Now APC is in I have visited the country twice I can see hope in them delivering there promises.Things are hard so is the rest of the world but this guy is trying is best so I can see light under the turnel.
    My Brother we do not need to be cursing each other about the issues Sama Banya want to politicise . let just imagine it was me and you suffered in a fate like that in a foriegn country we will be expecting the authority concerned to addressed our plight. So please dont give up on your country God will take control by his power . Have that faith . And remember we need a place called HOME .

  • Yankay just keep quiet,you know nothing about the situation in the gulf.what is wrong with Sierra Leoneans fighting themselves over these two useless parties?After fifty years of indipendence Sierra Leoneans don’t even have good clothes to show for it.As long as we refuse to hold our goverments accountable,Sierra Leone will continue to be the most wreached place on earth.

  • oh my God help my country Sierra Leone. Pa who I read your article ,now let me take politics out of this . WHAT IS THE DUTY OF A RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT IN A DISATER LIKE THAT ONE YOU MENTIONED ?
    You know am not a lawyer neither a lier .But a responsible government or institution accept it mistakes and try to implement measures that will prevent them happening . It was the duty of the government to investigate and exert pressure to the company concerned to compensate the family of the victims. My God what wrong with common sense .It is childish to say it was not the government responsibility . I am ashamed of you . I pray the togolese people will not read this article of yours that is so political narrow thinking. Is this the way to be a fanatic. Lord have mercy oh ,save my people . The bosses are getting kolo.
    Now this is a classic example .There is a oil spill in gulf of mexico .Property of BP . The government of the US of A is pursuing the case in the interest of the victim concerned . Because the victim can not confront BP .Sama Banya you are a disgrace not only to SLPP but to Sierra Leone . Shame on you Pa who. State looters


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