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It’s a real laugh~!

It’s a real laugh~!

When this government decides to get rid of people, there is usually no ceremony attached to the process. It is simple and straight forward with no formalities. Someone may be the head of an institution one day and the next day he’s out. It is an APC custom that may be as old as the party itself. The late Siaka Stevens started it all and it is meant to rob the victim of his dignity. (Photo: Dr. Sama Banya)

Readers may recall how Chief Justice C O E Cole was removed and replaced by honourable Livesy Luke who when they had finished with him they sent him off in like manner; and in walked honourable Sheku Kutubu.

After the 2007 Parliamentary and Presidential elections which brought the APC to power, thanks to that woman the exercise commenced. It began with the immediate removal from office of National Electoral Commissioners Winston Minah and Eddie Nyallay who to this day have not received their separation benefits in accordance with the constitution. The only reason one can deduce is that they had disagreed with Christians Thorpe’s illegal action. The poor fellows had not even served under President Koroma. The next lot to be shown the red card included central Bank Governor Dr. James Rogers with Kanja Sesey and others following and later on Dr. Abdulai Kakay of the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank.

Now we have Brima Acha Kamara the erstwhile Inspector-General of Police. While speculation continues as to why Acha was sacked, the minister of information and communications has been quoted by his New Citizen newspaper that Acha was not sacked but merely retired. Another newspaper has speculated that there is a diplomatic job waiting for the former Police boss.

When the Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser wanted to build the Aswan Dam on the river Nile in 1956 he asked the west and the World Bank to help finance the project but he was turned down. He in turn used the only option open to him; he nationalized the Suez canal which was the main waterway linking Europe and the middle east through the Mediterranean with the far east cutting by more than two thirds the route through the Cape of Good Hope. Britain and France which were the main shareholders of the Suez Canal joined Israel and went to war with Egypt. Nasser blocked the canal using ships and barges. The three allies had gone very close to the canal and would have attacked Cairo, but the United States, yes, I mean the United states of America  under President Dwight Eisenhower issued a warning or veiled threat that the action was unacceptable. We are aware of the American position today regarding Israel as its closest ally in the Middle East. But as usual I am digressing. During the conflict, the British Prime Minister Anthony Eden was asked about the reason for the war and his reply was: “WE ARE NOT AT WAR WITH EGYPT; WE ARE IN ARMED CONFLICT!” (Will someone lend me a dictionary?)

I am reminded of Prime Minister Eden’s reply with the statement of our minister of information who has developed a reputation to regard the people of this country as buffoons. In the process he more often than not exposes himself to ridicule. Here is a serving officer, the most senior in the police hierarchy, one who has served the APC government with characteristic zeal and who wakes up one morning ready for work and he is told before the end of the day that “we don’t need your police service anymore.” And even before he clears his desk, his successor is named and not in an acting capacity either. And our very loquacious minister tells us that Acha was not sacked but retired. It sounds almost like Anthony Eden saying that Britain was not at war with Egypt but in armed conflict. It’s a real laugh is it not now? But that is what meets the Brima Achas of this world; they deserve what meets them. The words of Cardinal Wolsey must be ringing in his ear.

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  • I was hoping you would state that you were a member of the APC party under Dr. Siaka Stevens when you mentioned them in the first part of this article. However since you have developed a sudden case of Amnesia, I just thought I would mention it. Hahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahha


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