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Another Flag Bearer Declared for SLPP

Another Flag Bearer Declared for SLPP

In 2007, the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) lost power to the All Peoples Congress (APC). The defeat temporarily derailed the “SLPP 2007 – 2012 Manifesto: A Platform For Peace Consolidation and Prosperity.” The defeat also denied the SLPP another mandate to solidify its program of actions in National Security, Education, Infrastructural and Economic development. Abu-Hassan Koroma (Askia) is stepping forward to lead the SLPP back to State House in 2012. That will complete the unfinished journey the SLPP started under the leadership of Solomon Ekuma Berewa (Solo B) in 2007. With APC in power, our future as a nation is bleak and full of uncertainties. A predictable future is one built on solid planning. The one person among the plethora of candidates for the SLPP 2011 Flag Bearer elections that can defeat the APC and assure Sierra Leone of a predictable future is Askia, a born and natural poltical organizer with seasoned community mobilization credentials cultivated in Mattru Jong and developed over years of involvement in varied organizations around the world.  (Photo: Abu-Hassan Koroma, aka Askia)

For Democratic Tyranny or Democratic Liberty: Why SLPP and Why Askia?

Sierra Leone will return to the polls in 2012. A new President and Parliament will be elected. The leader of that new government is expected to continue presiding over a peaceful nation conceived and led by our abled brother, Alhaji Dr. Ahmed Tejan Kabba. With your support, Askia seeks your endorsement to be that new LEADER in 2011 as Flag Bearer and, subsequently, in 2012 as President. Democracy must continue by withholding another five year mandate from adversaries of democracy, the APC! Under the SLPP, Sierra Leoneans lived an orderly life. It is complete disorder under the APC. Our national tranquility must return by the will of the people in 2012.

SLPP can point to a consistent record of upholding and promoting the principles of democracy: “order, balance of power, true liberty and sincere and deep respect for law and order,” while developing and expanding the national economy. The Party can also boast of a strong national security credential. That is how the SLPP led government ended the civil war and held the most peaceful election in the history of Sierra Leone. Sierra Leoneans and the world should appreciate what went into ending the Sierra Leone Civil War. All the development underway today is only possible because of peace. Between 1996 and 2007, the SLPP leadership conceived and implemented workable solutions to ending the most violent civil war in the history of Africa and perhaps, in the world.

The foundation for our civil war from 1991 – 2002 was laid by the corrupt APC government of Siaka Stevens and Joseph Saidu Momoh. It was eleven years of agonizing violence! While in power, APC did not tolerate opposition, destroyed every recognizable aspect of democracy and totally mismanaged the economy from 1967 to April 1992 when they were booted out of office by young military officers. The year 2012 will be a period of reflection and introspection. All Sierra Leoneans should rise to the occasion to elect the right President and the right Parliament. That Leader, that President, should be Abu-Hassan “Askia” Koroma.

Askia is a visionary with abundant creativity to galvanize and enhance both our human and natural resources for the progress of Sierra Leone. Askia understands that Sierra Leone can only move forward with strong economic foundations and his first five year plan will focus on building an economic platform from which the progress of Sierra Leone will spring. Askia’s strength lies in working with and through people to achieve common goals and cover common grounds. That is why all must Say YES to KOROMA, SLPP and NO to KOROMA, APC by electing Askia as the SLPP flag bearer in March 2011!

It Is All About You, The Honorable People of Sierra Leone

If God and the people are with you, your limit is beyond the skies. That is why I am working for the SLPP everyday and will, with all humility, carry the Party’s Flag to victory in 2012 and also carry the mantle of the SLPP 2007 – 2012 Platform for peace consolidation and prosperity. Your vote will make this possible and I need it. If you will be a delegate at the March 2011 National Delegate Conference in Sierra Leone, please consider my candidature and vote for me. Better still, call delegates on my behalf and make my election a possible success. We are in this together and together we must win.

My success will be determined by you. To do this, every Sierra Leonean must fully participate in strengthening the democratic culture established by President Kabba and the SLPP. My election as Flag bearer and, subsequently, as your President, will usher in yet again another new era of respect for life and property in Sierra Leone.

Participation Ensures Advancement and Concerns Everyone

It is only in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility that individuals can pursue their varied endeavors and desires without fear of violence or political intimidation. A peaceful Sierra Leone is a necessary gift to the nation. Peace is essential for Sierra Leone. It is the vital ingredient on our national menu. With peace, Sierra Leone will prosper. Schools will remain open uninterrupted; businesses will thrive, farming will thrive, individuals will engage and pursue creative endeavors. All this is possible only in peaceful times and with good governance. Without the right leader, all of these are impossible. That is why I am asking for your support and your vote to elect me as the SLPP Flag bearer and, eventually, the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

I have always believed in participation. Years back, as a student leader seeking the presidency of my student union, I coined the phrase Participation Ensures Advancement & Concerns Everyone (PEACE). This phrase is as relevant today as it was yesterday. In fact, it is eternal. Peace is a necessary ingredient for human civilization. That is why peace does not only mean the absence of war. If people continue to wake up on stories of massive corruption while they slept hungry, they may not be happy. If people cannot afford basic school fees for their children, they are bound to be angry. If no incentives exist for people to leave the city where there are no jobs and return to their villages where they could make farms to feed their families, they are bound to be frustrated. Unhappiness, anger and frustration at intense levels could be detrimental to peace. That is why I believe in mobilizing the collective capacities of our nation to usher in a sustainable peace. The next SLPP government under my leadership will arrest and put to rest the enduring chronic problems of poverty, economic mismanagement that are impending dangers to our national security.

Flag Bearer and President: Invest the Future in Askia

Choosing me as the SLPP Flag bearer in 2011 and the President of Sierra Leone in 2012 is one appropriate way to address Sierra Leone’s chronic problems. My election will make all the difference. The A.P.C had an opportunity to rule Sierra Leone from 1967 – 1992 and, again, from 2007 – 2012. At both times, they failed the nation. With me at the helm, the SLPP has another chance to build upon what they started in 1961 – 1967 and, again, in 1996 – 2007. Both times, resolving grave challenges facing the nation. With an Askia led leadership, SLPP can do it again. With APC at the head, we are on a suicidal path to national disaster. Askia will provide visionary leadership and appropriate management of statecraft in accordance with modern democratic principles built on a foundation of Law and Order. As you read this, I pray you are inspired enough to rise up and Vote for me as the Flag bearer of the SLPP and the President of Sierra Leone. If you are with me, I am asking you to help me with the SLPP flag and the Presidency so that together, we can deny the APC the mandate to rule Sierra Leone again in 2012. Together, we must Vote Out the APC and Vote in the SLPP. That is the most appropriate thing to do in 2012.

This Journey With You Must Begin With Askia

Under the leadership of Askia, the SLPP will ensure that the glorious days of education return to Sierra Leone, along with economic prosperity and comprehensive poverty reduction based on the Millennium Development Goals(MDG) set by the United Nations. Effective policies that will transform the failing structures of state government will be enacted and fully implemented. That will ensure a functioning national system that is accountable to the needs of the people of Sierra Leone. The national infrastructures that are now in disarray will be resurrected to provide the much-needed transportation that will facilitate commerce and usher in a vibrant and culturally conscious nation. The people will interact at a pace that never before has been experienced in the history of Sierra Leone. I need your support and I need your vote.

Askia Invites You to Join His Growing Network Of Supporters

This is a Movement for a Better Sierra Leone. You and I deserve better and our future lies in our hands. If we want a better future, we are going to have to create it. This campaign is about you and the future of Sierra Leone.

You are invited to join the Askia growing network of supporters by first registering here at www.koromaslpp2012.com . You can also support Askia by donating money or volunteering your time to solicit support, make phone calls, canvass and get the votes to elect Askia as SLPP Flag bearer in March 2011, refer to the website for more information.  Please remember that Askia needs your support and your vote. Askia hopes that we are all in this together and that we will work hard to elect him (Askia) as the SLPP Flag bearer in 2011 and also, the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone in 2012.

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