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Journalist to drag Zenith bank director to court

Journalist to drag Zenith bank director to court

Kadijatu Savage, Reporter of the Independent Observer Newspaper who was molested and insulted by the Managing Director of Zenith Bank, Madam Oby Ikeh Unekwe and has resolved to seek redress in a court of law.

Sources say the reporter had called the Bank Director on her cellular phone in order to cross-check a story with the latter. However, instead of responding to her call, the bank director rained all sorts of insulting remarks at the female reporter, threatening to kill her.

“I’m now afraid for my life,” said Kadijatu. “She said she will kill me like leopard,” the reporter added. “I have already consulted my lawyer,” she disclosed, stressing that she will not accept any apology from any quarter. “I don’t know what might her next step,” Kadijatu said.

It should be recalled that following a radio programme on Star Radio this past Monday a recorded interview was broadcast and listeners were informed that most Sierra Leoneans who have open bank accounts with the bank had gone to the bank to close their accounts due the behavior of the Managing Director.

Sources further disclosed that the Zenith bank director had convened an emergency staff meeting bank’s head office at Rawdon Street where she insulted Sierra Leonean staff members at the bank, saying that they were the ones giving out information to journalists.

A recorded interview made available to some media houses heard the so called managing director insulting journalists in this country.

This is a matter for the intervention of the minister of information and communication, opined a senior journalist.

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  • In my own opinion and in the best interest of our country, our journalist should be more decent and polite in their write up. It appears that poverty is making them write all sort of rubbish in the press. We have nothing to gain when we try to harass foreign investors. Instead we are the one to loose at the end. We all know how our journalist write anything meaningless on the press just because they are jobless and have nothing to write. Our journalist should learn to write something positive about the nation instead of focussing on meaningless write-up that is taking us backward.

    30th July 2010
  • I amm following the report on all newspaper about the incident between the bank manager and Kadijatu Savage, Reporter of the Independent Observer Newspaper. this is utter rubbish, i just want ask a question. do we have minitry of information? if so want are the rules that govern the reporters and news media. who is this thing that call herself woman, she is not fit top be in our society and the bank of sierra leone would allow this type of behaviour from a public servant, that is paid by public money. this is how it started with the lebanese and uptil now we cannot control that and now the nigerians, who no what will come next, gambian, senegales, togo etc. this time to show all non sierra leonean that we respect ourselves and our country. pls Mr president this type of matter need to be address to the highest authority.salone is for sierra leonean, Gambia is for Gambian, this such of rubbish will never ever happen in gambia president Janneh would have sort it ASAP.

    30th July 2010
  • Very soon journalist will start to write positive things about there country especially for the public consumption. Nigeria are made of people who are always making sure that foreigners feel there bluffs. If one is not a doctor he or she must be chief etc with millions of reserves. Few are in a class of moderation like the bulk of Salone people.IF U LINEN DORTY, NOR BROOK NA DOE.Lately because of politics and greediness we have seen Sierra Leone journalist writing every kind of trash stories about the country. Which a Nigerian will never do .” Well if hose nor sell u street nor go buy u.” Our quest has made us loose the pride we once have in the continent . Today our poverty is known worldwide, as if we are the only poor country in the world.Patriotism we have a different meaning for it . Pride is larking. This is a rude awakening for our brother and sisters in the fourth estate. When you write and tell the world about our poverty and all the trash about your country. Then somebody like that rude director will remind you . when you want to bluff. ” You can’t eat your cake and have it “. Anyway shame on that niger” woman she shouldn’t reminder us about our poverty again, folks are doing it for us.

    29th July 2010

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