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I Rest My Case – Oby Ekeh Unekwe: A Curse to Womanhood …She Should Be Deported

I Rest My Case – Oby Ekeh Unekwe: A Curse to Womanhood …She Should Be Deported

I have never met her. Thank God I’ve not. However, listening to her unwarranted and crude outburst on radio recently against journalist Khadijah Savage of the Independent Observer Newspaper, and seeing that some local tabloids are referring to her as “Madam”, I came to the conclusion that Oby Ekeh Unekwe, the so-called Managing Director of one of the suspicious Nigerian originated banks operating in the country, Zenith Bank, is neither a true African woman, nor a Madam or Lady. She is merely an opportunist whose upbringing has out rightly manifested itself in the most negative of ways. How she rose to that chief executive position of a whole banking institution has also come under the spotlight, and to a large extent sent out a clear message that the influx of Nigerian banks in the country is not something to blanketly celebrate.

For no good reason, and in complete show of arrogance, immaturity and pomposity, Nigerian born Oby Ekeh Unekwe of Zenith Bank Sierra Leone, rained unprintable insults on journalist Khadijah Savage, for merely reaching out to her on the phone line to crosscheck an allegation of mistreatment of local staff by way of depriving them of their productivity bonus among others.

This came following widespread rumours that local staff members at Zenith Bank were being subjected to inhumane treatment by their seeming unbrought-up Nigerian boss, Oby Ekeh Unekwe. Apart from depriving them of their legal entitlements, Oby Ekeh Unekwe is also said to have turned the bank’s premises into a militarized zone, where insults could be rained on staff members at random, in most cases for doing nothing wrong in practical terms.

The indications are that the rude attitude of Oby Ekeh Unekwe towards her staff and by extension her clients, has seriously undermined the progress of the bank, as evident by its poor showing in the face of an intense competition sanctioned by the rapid establishment of private commercial banks across the country.

If the character exhibited by Oby Ekeh Unekwe is typical of her (which I believe is the case), then it goes without saying that she was catapulted to that enviable position, and therefore deserves to be given the boot for bringing into disrepute the reputation of the bank. As a matter of fact, she has made the thread on which the reputation of the bank leans, thinner.

A holder of a ‘managing director’ position in any establishment is expected to have a character depicting the respectability the office goes with, and not behaving in a manner that will leave rooms for questions.

This is exactly the situation in which Oby Ekeh Unekwe has placed herself. By using words such as “you prostitute”, “you jobless woman”, “you bastard” and so on against a fellow woman, and more importantly against a journalist, shows clearly that Oby Ekeh Unekwe is not well-mannered, and therefore lacks what it takes to run a credible institution.

Others will simply dismiss her as being a misfit in society, and therefore a curse to womanhood. Some other people will prefer describing her as an indecent woman who must have exhausted the better part of her life waywardly as a prostitute or drug peddler/addict and is therefore finding it difficult to manage the affairs of her office and her very conduct towards decent people in society, including those working under her instructions. What a misfortune to work with a pompous boss who goes about calling people bastards when she herself must have come as a double one…

I don’t care to know whether Oby Ekeh Unekwe is married or not, or whether in fact she has children or a family to look after. This is so because judging by the way and manner in which she stooped down so low as to undermining her very status and prestige as chief executive by blatantly misbehaving to a journalist, has left me with the impression that she is a bad egg who in the first place has no quality of making a husband happy, not to talk about bringing up children in a pleasing way.

Sierra Leone, a well-cultured country and one that is supposed to be serious when it comes to handling matters of high level professional misconduct, should have no place for such an undesirable. Some people will rather refer to such a person as an intellectual pygmy, and better still, a frustrated or haunted woman.

She must therefore be deported or risk being protested against by her marginalized staff. It is their right to demand for a sober boss. The guys at Comiun mobile telecommunication company protested against their boss and the next moment the said boss did not only openly apologize, but shown the exit door.

The matter at stake must be treated with the seriousness it deserves, because apart from attacking the entire media family, the irate Oby Ekeh Unekwe also went off her way by using some derogatory words to describe our beloved country. Merely asking her to tender an apology to the victim of her poor upbringing is far from being enough, and will only set the stage for other vampires from the blues, to take the queue from her.

Before resting my dear case, let me mention the case of an alleged trafficking of two Sierra Leonean infants aged under 3-years, by a Nigerian banker called Ada Florence Isiodu, who until recently was a staff of the Nigerian originated United Bank of Africa (UBA) here in Freetown. She is also reported to have defrauded a fellow Nigerian, Pastor Timothy of the Thorough Life Ministry, the sum total of Three Million Leones. She has since fled the country.

The conducts of these two Nigerian women have left bells ringing…and the ringing will continue until an appropriate action is taken to ensure that misfits such as Oby Ekeh Unekwe don’t come here and behave abnormally and get away with it.

We have to be serious!

By Theophilus S. Gbenda

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