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Youths and the Change in Political Attitude

Youths and the Change in Political Attitude

Will our youths ever have a change of attitude in the positive towards politics, patriotism and economic development in the country? The question may not sound as striking but is sure one that merits deeper consideration owing to the fact that it is tied down to a lot of factors that surround a set of people that are expected to take up the mantle of the country in due time.

About 65% of the country’s population is made up of youths who must play an active role if this nation is to develop as everybody is expects. The youths are not only the highest set in our population in the country, they are also depended upon to provide the labour force for the national development; which shall only be achieved as a result of good governance and the right attitude towards development initiatives in the country. But the youths today are faced with many obstacles that can hardly allow on and the nation to just rely on them for the development of the country.

Whilst it true that most of the youths of our country do not have employable skills, the political will to motivate the jobless youths to understand and embrace the needed positive changes will engender growth and development. Firstly, it is expected that politicians in the country present themselves as role models with all efforts engineered towards the agenda for change that will see not individual wealth and development in the country, but one that will cut across the nation as a whole. In the absence of that, we are not sure that the issue of attitudinal change can be impressed upon the citizenry and it work; it is only when leaders are seen leading by examples that the country will the needed changes as outlined in the agenda for change.

So inasmuch as the youth are expected to play their parts, it also expected that politicians provide the level ground for them so that they are able to make their own marks. Some politicians see the vulnerabilities of the youths as a chance which they must utilise to achieve their political ambition. Therefore, in such a situation, they make no effort to empower the youths and make them self reliant.

Admitted, the Secretariat for attitudinal and behavioral change is doing much too much to ensure youth in particular and public servants inculcate and imbibe the culture of change but most certainly would be difficult to attain the expected results in the agenda for change if things continue like this at the Secretariat. Although the ABC secretariat has to its credit formidable achievements such peoples attitude towards waste disposal within the city, lateness and absenteeism in work the place, but such are most certainly limited in the operations of the secretariat is not enhance to a such capacity that it is able to undertake better and much realistic ventures. Its recent moves to influence changes in the attitudes of youth at ataya bases in the central town where it believed most youths have their sanctuary, is a laudable venture but one would expect that the secretariat is able to take across the country.  

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