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ABC and the reality

ABC and the reality

Change of Attitude and Behavior was a clarion call from President Koroma to all Sierra Leoneans when he assumed power in 2007.  This slogan (if it could be called that way) sent a wave of excitement through the minds of many Sierra Leoneans as it was proclaimed.

The people thought the President knew it all because this was what the country actually needs, that every Sierra Leonean change their behaviour to the country positively.

This lead to the message spread around the country like wild fire.

It pleases many countrymen, including myself that people are resonating with the idea of behavioral change.

In fact there are changes being felt as self help activities such as community cleaning, youth sensitization, and many other voluntary works kick off in many areas across the country.

However, this was short lived as people got their first shock realizing that this is just another slogan ‘2007 wi go belful’ as proclaimed by the previous Government.  The officials of the Attitudinal and Behaviour Change secretariat (set up by the President to propagate the initiatives) were indicted for corruption by the ACC.  How could such people tell us to change our attitude?  Sierra Leoneans should open their eyes to the realization that both past and present governments have used vague and hopeful slogans to manipulate their ideas of citizens to keep them in poverty.

If the President is indeed serious about the change of attitude he should not encourage lawless ministers to break traffic laws, presidential guards would not beat up journalists and go scot free, Ministers wouldn’t leave their jobs to attend political functions such as declarations.  The worse of it all, there won’t be a government that signs mining agreements that the laymen are not benefiting from, not even from the Smallholder Commercialization programme which only the Agricultural officers are getting fat and this has lead to increased lawlessness.  Nobody can deny the fact that the President is at work, but it seems that the President is alone with his ambition.  And this is the change that we need: every body must work in their various areas to create change like the President.

With all this, you can tell that change of attitude should start from the top and not from the bottom.  People in authority should set an example with their behaviour.  Who told you nobody said ‘change you attitude’ before the President pronounced it?  Because it came from the top it means something to every body and is heard everywhere today. And if this is not another plan to stupid people and keep them in poverty step up your game president and your team ‘Di pa dae wok’

By Zuzel Davies

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  • Yes de Pa en Team day woke. They are setting a bright example for the future generation. Lining their pockets like their predecessors while the nation is wallowing in poverty.
    Is this the ABC? Or are we back to the following”
    “Dem say Bailor Barrie u say Davidson Nicol” and “Usai dem tie cow na day e for eat grass”

    After all the war and suffering, yet the politicians, their paid Pens and Mouthpieces don’t get it.

    Yes ABC really means = All Buddies Chopping
    God please save Sierra Leone

    23rd May 2012

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