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The Week Just Gone

The Week Just Gone

Another interesting week has just passed; the amazing thing is that much of what we heard on the radio or read in the newspapers simply did not add up. It began with the announcement attributed to the usually astute Bank Governor that some 23 million United States dollars was pumped into the economy last April. Lay people like us agreed that it was a much need shot in the arm of the deteriorating economy, but with the exchange rate running sky high between that month and today and the prices of food and other essential commodities still outside the reach of most people, would be forgiven for remaining skeptical. Even as I write this, for most of us there is still too much month left at the end of the money. You visit the Kailahun Court Barry for confirmation. But the Governor is optimistic and we can only pray that he is right and that proof will lie in our pockets, but it simply didn’t add up.

The President had a busy week in New York culminating in his address to the General Assembly of the United Nations on Thursday. H E stated Sierra Leone’s case very eloquently and one can only hope that the international body and its agents got the message. The test of that would be in the response to the London conference which his Excellency and Tony Blair will be hosting in the very near future. There was a notable regret which I blame on the President’s spin doctors; in their zeal to present his achievements, they failed to take care of very serious inconsistencies in the speech that they wrote for him. That kind of error does no credit to the head of state; I don’t see why IB and others should not be shown the red card. H E told the world assembly that he had switched the Bumbuna power on and that the people now receive “CLEAN AND AFFORDABLE ELECTRICTY.” As to that, the consumer public is the best judge. However the Minister of Energy and Water Resources was on UN radio on the same morning to tell us that as of last Friday, BUMBUNA WAS ONLY ADDING ONE MEGAWATT TO THE Global grid but that Bumbuna would add 20 mega watts by Saturday afternoon. That may be after I shall have forwarded my dispatch to the editors, but I trust Professor Ogunade. It was the inconsistency in his and H E’s statements that simply didn’t add up either.

Those jokers on Kissy Road never give up. They were reported to have published that I Sama Banya had commandeered a government vehicle when we left office and that it was the vehicle that I was currently using. This is the same paper that some years back accused me of the theft of a government Mercedes Benz car.  In the same week the African Champion had a front page headline of a strike by workers at the SLPP head office. But who ever told them that the people who frequent the party headquarters were on any payroll? I was at the party office last Friday and again on Saturday and can only attribute the said article to a figment of the African Champion group’s wild imagination of things they hope would happen. Someone ought to educate them please as to what good citizens should do about anything that has to do with theft. And to my friend Mohamed Koroma; you have bright political prospects and I don’t want to stir any funny reaction from your party members by handing any laurels to you now. His Excellency won’t go wrong were he to hand over that ministry to you. I like people who are on top of their assignment, provided it doesn’t go into their head.

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