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In Sierra Leone, Bondo Women Chase Ramatu S. Sesay of 101 Mountain Court, (Fullah Town)

In Sierra Leone, Bondo Women Chase Ramatu S. Sesay of 101 Mountain Court, (Fullah Town)

It is reported that, Ramatu S. Sesay her Husband Mohamed S. Sesay and her three sisters all residing at the same address are nowhere to be found.

According to eyewitness, some of the Fullah committee members met Mohamed at his residence on Saturday the 5th of June this year at about 7.00 a.m. and asked him for his wife, Ramatu Sesay. They told him that they want her to be the next “Sowei” that is the title of women who are initiated to carry out genital mutilation rites on women.

According to the eyewitness, they said Ramatu’s mother was once their Sowei so since her mother’s death, she has to take the place of her mother as a Sowei because it’s their own culture and has to be this way.

Mohamed said to them that he did not marry a Sowei and his wife will never be part of that unpleasant tradition or culture neither to replace someone.

Mohamed further stated that he married his wife to build up a good family together but not to give her up to become a ‘Sowei’.  They asked him to bring his wife out otherwise they will bring her out themselves and they will show him what it takes to be against traditions.

Mohamed angrily told them that he has no respect for such a good for nothing tradition or culture if they want, let them find another person or turn themselves as ‘Sowei’ but not his wife.

One of the men went and pushed Mohamed and told him they are not going to take any insult from him and he himself is going to bring Ramata out since he did not want to do that.  According to eyewitness, the man entered the house and a few minutes later, he came back and told the others that Ramatu is not in.

All of them surrounded Mohamed pushed him on the ground, beat him up and left him naked as usual.

When they were about to leave, they said they were not yet finished with him and that they will come back, and if they don’t meet Ramatu, let him just say goodbye to this world.

From then Mohamed, his wife and her three sisters are nowhere to be found. An unconfirmed source said they flew to Lungi while others said they were in secret hiding.  But according to report, the Fullah committee is still looking for Ramatu.  They said Ramatu can hide but she can not run away from their tradition and she must become their next ‘Sowei’ otherwise she will pay a bitter price.

Unfortunatley, there are several cases of this nature in the country, all in the name on tradition.

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