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Was Lord Bongo’s suicide-murder a case of depression?

Was Lord Bongo’s suicide-murder a case of depression?

Amidst the murder-suicide madness perpetuated by one of Sierra Leone’s greatest comedians, supposedly a public figure in the eyes of most Sierra Leoneans, many people in the Dallas Fort worth community have expressed their desires, and rightly so, on the need to examine the other side of the Bongo saga. We owe DFW community exactly that which they want to know and just that is what we have found.  (Photo:  the late Godfrey Manley-Spain)

Our findings and interviews have taken yet another twist with some stunning revelations pointing towards the state of mind and double lifestyle which Lord Bongo lived before his death. It took some time to get down to the other side because earlier attempts to interview the other side did not materialize. As the elements of fairness and objectivity are fundamental principles in our work, we were relentless in our pursuit for the truth.

Unlike other deaths, the insatiable appetite to understand why Lord Bongo did what he did continues unabated among Sierra Leoneans. The begging question from Sierra Leoneans in Texas and the world at large is, why?  After tireless but successful efforts to contact people acquainted with the couple for a balanced and objective view, we have now learned that the murder-suicide shockwave fiasco stemmed out of hopelessness. Any man who takes his own life is hopeless.

Our latest sources stated that Lord Bongo was not only depressed, but was also involved in a clandestine behavior probably for a purpose.  Going without employment for many years, and probably, at or before this time, the late man may have been influenced by drugs (marijuana). According to some sources, this part of his life was either undisclosed to his spouse or the habit was just ingrained in him. The sources ascertained unequivocally that Lord Bongo was turning to marijuana for help most of the time.

Other sources that contradicted early reports spelt out how Bongo was violent and destructive at home. We continue to unearth from reliable sources widespread reports of Bongo Johnson’s penchant for destruction and violence.

The million dollar questions now are why should a renowned comedian, like Bongo Johnson, turn to taking a precious life when others use their God given skills in comedy to fight stress and inject excitement into life? Why should anyone be made to go through all that she had to endure and the bloody hand of Bongo Johnson? Why?

Contrary to the norms and cultural values in our native land, Sierra Leone, murder and suicide cases are rare, almost to the point of non-existence. There is no single reason to justify the taking of someone else’s life. No drugs, no depression, no hard times or any iota of provocation can be proffered to the reasonable public as justifications.

As our desire to have a balanced and objective report continues, one school of thought, closer to Lord Bongo, attributed this cruel act to the drug-dependency factor which they believe manifested itself into depression. Even though we shy away from being judgmental, yet, the act of killing another individual is insane and cruelty beyond every human imagination and comprehension.

the late Claudia Johnson

Numerous sources closer to the deceased woman, professed, that she was a very nice lady with a community-oriented persona, who was always working towards achieving her goals. She was calm, and has never shown any aggressive inclinations to anyone. Other sources revealed that, despite the fact that Lord Bongo did not work all these years, yet the late woman’s hard work and soberness of life helped sustain Bongo Johnson and the family. A fact that cannot be disprove now that we know she was the bread winner in the family.

As we go through these unfortunate tragedies, if past tragedies in other relationships did nothing to warrant our attention, this is an eye-opener and a moral lesson the Sierra Leonean community cannot afford to shrug off. When we fall in love with the man and woman we want, we set out the requirements. Equally, we should try to read the warning signs on the wall and know when to call it quit or fix it.

One of such is a personality change. If our spouse constantly shows symptoms of depression, to the point of using any kind of drugs, marijuana included, it could be the product of stress. Others may be symptoms of depression or a host of other problems. Whatever the cause, they may warrant attention, especially if they persist or if they occur in a cluster. If he persists, tell him that honey, 1 Peter 5:8, 9 says you should be sober so we can be on guard for the devil, resist him, and not be devoured by him. If the ears are turned the other way, start running for your life.

Also, if your spouse doesn’t want to work, especially the man, you need to sit down with him and have a discussion about it.  He needs to know in plain language the consequences of his action.  He should be made to understand what you’re willing and unwilling to put up with in the relationship.  Tell him that if he can’t get out and start participating and contributing to the relationship, then you’ll be forced to make some tough decisions yourself, that you just can’t go on supporting him and paying for everything.  He has to pull his own weight around there from now on. If he is a Christian, quote Thessalonians 3:10: “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.”

Watch for a spouse who has a dependent personality. People with dependency concerns keep all their eggs in one basket — depending on a relationship to entertain all their needs for happiness. If your spouse depend on you to create and maintain their life for them, get help for them because of the God in you or show them the exit door for fear of your own life.

Finally, if your man ever lays his hands on you, find the exit door or else research has shown that he will do it again and again and again. The end of which can be fatal.

So guys, as a final parting shot, take heed to this, “if you love a woman, set her free. If she comes back, she is yours and if she doesn’t come back, she was never meant to be” Go look somewhere else instead of taking someone else’s life. Good Luck!

Stay tuned for an exclusive tell-it-all interview which was conducted on Friday with Cheryl Anderson, the other lady in Bongo Johnson’s life and her 25-year old daughter.

Christian Sesay and Sanpha Sesay, Texas Correspondents

Photoes: courtesy of Mr. Leslie Rickford.

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  • Well said, but isn’t that what Claudia was trying to do? To get this man finally out of her life? You are right only a hopeless person can kill him/herself. Why then are we trying to give him this grandeurs funeral? We need to set our priorities straight. Back home anyone who commits suicide is buried quietly – what is this? I feel for the poor children.

    9th August 2010
  • When I met Godfrey we both worked for the same cellular company. He in Dallas and I in Nashville both doing very well on our jobs. What drew him to me was; he seeing my picture in the company news letter being top preformer and winning trips. Also my department had to work with his department daily. So I met the business man side of Godfrey. Then he began asking co workers about me. Then he and I exchanged phone numbers. I become friends. I still had no Idea of the darkside. I also spoke to several of his co workers about him and it was all good. When I visited Dallas he showed me a good time. Still no darkside. He decided to move to TN with me and resign from the cellular co. there he asked me to ride the bus and ride back with him so I did. During those long hours still no darkside. I remember after we got married he came home from his job and I noticed his eyes were firey red and he was angry. And daily he began complaining about his head hurting. He never wanted to go to the doctor. When we spoke over the phone to his mother and sister in Sierra Leone he would get so very sad and stay in bed for awhile. I found out that he was very depressed dealing with not able to send monies home to help with his family. With the contant yelling phone calls from Claudia. And of course the cheating. He had his hand in to many fires. He became abrusive to me and taking out his frustrations on me verbally. Which I wasn’t use to that type of treatment. I asked him was he on drugs he said no. When he would go visit his children in Dallas I would always get a feeling of distrust. I wasn’t stupid but I really didn’t want to see that darkside of him. Then one day I decided to look at the phone bill and I found Cherly’s number, and many other women. I think he was on the run form something because he always came home scared. When his mom died his depression got worse. I couldn’t handle his abruse anymore so I had to have him evicted. He was a very sad and unhappy man. After that.

    9th August 2010
  • There is much to know here than the story/opinion is trying to tell us. This is not an explicit story/opinion one will rely on for the records of our country. Personally, I was thinking that something better was going to be revealed to the public. Some of us are still investigating the true reason for the Sierra Leonean icon to take his life. As journalists we have the duty to bring the records straight without speculations. I do respect Sierra Express Media, but we have to go deeper our investigations than this one.

    8th August 2010

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