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Looking Forward to Kolenten Secondary School Golden Jubilee

Looking Forward to Kolenten Secondary School Golden Jubilee

Let me start my by making reference to some quotations that set the tone for our forthcoming Golden Jubilee slated for 2011. Someone says “Train everyone lavishly, you can’t overspend on training” and of course the holy book says “train up a child in the way he should go and when he grows up he will not depart from it”. Obviously, the founding fathers of this great school must have been motivated by some of those timeless truths.

For those who have passed through Kolenten Secondary School Kambia (KSSK), the tradition of excellent training, and training in excellence has always been the core value of this great school. I will always trace the foundation for whatever successes or achievements I have recorded in life to my formative period as a student in Kolenten Secondary School.

It is, therefore, my pleasure to look forward to the forthcoming golden jubilee celebration of our alma mater “Kolenten Secondary School” where we were nurtured in the highest standards of social responsibility and dignity of labor according to the school’s valued motto “Luceat Lux Nostra (May Our Light Shine).”  

Kolenten School circa 1964

Kolenten School circa 1964

Oh, how time flies; just a many years ago, we were all students in this same institution imbibing the tradition and culture that has nurtured us into who and what we are today. The call to reflect and look back on the journey so far has been captured in the theme for this forthcoming golden celebration. This is another opportunity for us to look inwards and think of ways by which we can add value to our community and people.”

At this period in our lives, we should reach out to the less privileged and the needy in our community and put smiles on their faces. We should look beyond the events slated for the forthcoming golden celebration in 2011 and adopt a personal commitment to the theme adopted for this occasion.

Let us reach out to people in our Alma Mater and assist Kolenten Secondary School, by sponsoring the project which is slated for the golden jubilee celebrations in 2011. We have come a long way from when we were young and impressionable students moving from one classroom to the other under the watchful tutelage of our teachers then. And I am personally gratified with the smiles of happiness and contentment on the many faces of those of our “Old Principals and Teachers” who have nurtured us to be what we are.   I am sure that they must be having that sense of fulfillment we have all turned out as good ambassadors of the “Kolenten Secondary School”.

I will, therefore, urge the present young students to imbibe the tradition of service and excellence for which Kolenten Secondary School is noted. In fact, I will not only challenge you to emulate them but also surpass, the “achievements of your predecessors.” You are the future of our Nation and it is your responsibility to keep the light shining.

I thank all “Old Boys” and their Family Members for finding time to partake in the events slated for the 50th Anniversary celebration of our Alma Mater. And to the “Young Boys”, I urge you to stand firm and be good ambassadors of your families and Kolenten Secondary School.

Luceat Lux Nostra (May Our Light Shine)

Information on OKSA Fundraising Dance is follows:

What:     OKSA Annual Fundraising Dance               

When:     Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Mirage Hall
1401 East University Blvd
Hyatsville (Langley Park), MD 20783

Duration:  9pm to 4am

Music: by the super mix-master DJ Alhaji Sulaiman Gba-Kamara


$35.00 Ordinary
$75.00 Single Patron
$100.00 Couple

Joseph S. Sherman, Washington, DC

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