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Embezzlement, dirty land deals and corruption eating our Judiciary system in Bo Town, land “grabbers” go on the rampage

Embezzlement, dirty land deals and corruption eating our Judiciary system in Bo Town, land “grabbers” go on the rampage

For the past three months, there has been a legal tussle on Land deal, however, the Appeal Court Judge – His Lordship Momoh Stevens issued an injunction on June 18th 2010 and authorizing all contractors and Land Grabbers like Rev. Shedanka, Patrick K. Momodu-Principal of A. Sec School, Mr. Jalloh in Bo town, and notorious stiff-necked Capt. Demby who bragged openly that he is above the law and money speaks – for them all to stop, desist, vacate and abstain from all the illegal construction on the said land at KOTUNAHUN Village, KAKUA Chiefdom, Bo District…all with little hope.

Until people start to slash, lacerate their bodies and slit their guts open, then the authorities and other lawmakers will take a coffee break to come to the rescue and correct the situation, which will be too late. Corruption at the Bo Town Judiciary Appeal Court is a wakeup call for authorities and it’s going out of control. An authority from the anti-corruption department, need to come down to visit us here in Bo Town, sermon Mr. Alpha Sesay of Lands, Cecelia- Court Clerk and nip the bud of corruption. The rampant encroachments of lands, persistence land thieving, money talks and the land intrusion that belong to the late Hon. S. S. Anthony; the legatees were chased out of the land by strangers who claimed they own the piece of land. Capt. Demby had become very defiance, rebelliousness, insubordination and disobedience against the laws of our land.

As we all know, embezzlement is usually defined as the crime of stealing funds and property of a citizen, an employer, company, or government.  It may also mean money or assets held in a trust account by Judge.  At this point in time, the Judiciary Law Court in Bo Town, southern province is delaying the justice of a piece land owned by the Late Hon. S. S. Anthony. “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”. This is a shame and unethical. Moreover, these Land “Grabbers” here in Bo Town, are in the habit of going down to the Court House, grease the palms of Mr. Alpha Sesay (OIC-Lands), the Court Clerk (Cecilia) and the swindle the Judge, then go on a rampage to start construction without a conveyance nor a legal building permit.

I was at the Court House last week in Bo Town as an eyewitness to this saga when we were asked by the Clerk of the Court to wait for the judge’s arrival to give his final ruling. Waiting hopefully at the Court House to get the final mandate of ownership according to the Master Plan, the waiting was fruitless and hopelessness. This Appeal Court Judge did not enforce the law, instead, this Judge is in the habit of flip-flopping when it comes to decision making. Whenever SLA Capt. Demby comes to the Court House, greases his palms with his able Lands Man -Alpha Sesay and the Clerk of the Court Cecilia, justice will be delayed. Do anyone knows what had gone into this Judge‘s head? Is this behavioral attitude is politically motivated? The administration in this court house is rogues, reprobates and good-for-nothings. They also failed to realize that, the crooked and immoral era of the former government is gone and its practices will no longer be tolerated. I saw Capt. Demby last Friday at the vicinity of the Court Hose, bragging that he will not to let it go and that he had the judge in his side –money talks.

I do currently reside in Hangar Road in Bo Town, and to what I had noticed with the Anthony Family, they vulnerable, sad and pathetic. The heirs of the late Hon. S. S. Anthony have the legal, authentic, registered and recorded MASTER PLAN of the said land. Why are they being allowed to go through this hell? They are bullied by the Judge; their legal rights were muscled, intimidated and terrorized by the psychopath SLA Capt. Demby.  Looking at all the odds, I decided to take upon myself, write this article and send out for publication with the media.  The epidemic of this rampage corruption and land thieving here in Bo Town has gone unnoticed for long time. My parents live here in Bo Town and it’s very disappointing.

I want these land fraudsters to know that, it is illegal and unethical for a government officer to collect or transfer of money, or property, to someone or persons forcefully to another citizen who is not the authentic owner; this individual citizenry here in Bo Town are known as the EMBEZZLER. The fraudulent intent which this Court House had in mind is the intent to deprive the ownership of the Late Hon. S. S. Anthony’s inheritors of the land. Bad land deal. The embezzlers have converted this land to their own use. Even where a person intended to eventually return the land or property later on, it is still an act of embezzlement. I strongly recommend the Minister of Lands and the Minister of Housing to intervene immediately; it’s getting politically dicey here in Bo Town.

We don’t have any room to encourage embezzlers ‘or land grabbers here in this city. However, unless it is specifically precluded by a statute of the land, this Judge has the power to exonerate himself and sentence these fraudsters as convicted felon. Among other things, the court may require the defendant, as a term and condition of probation, to serve local jail time, pay fines, complete community service and pay restitution. If this example is set, land grabber will put an end to all these menace of lawlessness.

Written by; Mohamed Gibril Abu, Bo Town, Sierra Leone.

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