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Land thieving rocks Bo Town, while SLA Cpt. Demby and others defile the Appeal Magistrate Court Judge rulings

Land thieving rocks Bo Town, while SLA Cpt. Demby and others defile the Appeal Magistrate Court Judge rulings

S.L.A. Cpt. Demby In Bo Town Is a Land Thief And He Needs Anger Management- He Has Over Stepped His Civil Duties, Ostracizing and Snubbing The Appeal Magistrate Court Judge Decision On Land Deal That Gone Bad. (Photo: Bo Town)

Sometimes people think that anger leads to violence, so they won’t let an angry person talk. This is not the case with SLA Cpt. Demby in Bo. His anger and frustration will lead him to become menace in our society and violence if his superiors fail to come to his rescue. His continuous recklessness and unruliness behavior against the rulings of the Appeal Magistrate Court Judge is getting out of hand. He went completely boisterous and disobedient when he was served the injunction from the Magistrate. 

SLA Cpt. Demby of Bo Town was illegally involved in a land deal that had gone bad. His anger and frustration has taken him to a different height. He verbally and physically abusive  one Ms. Frances Anthony (a beneficiary and legal owner of the said land) in Bo on Friday June 18th, 2012.

Cpt. Demby’s action was preposterous and uncivilized. He knew quiet well that the deal he contracted, for the purchasing of the said raw land, was fake, phony and bogus. According to my source of information here in Bo Town, Cpt. Demby and his perpetrators hired a spurious Attorney to represent them when the legitimate owners came to reclaim the said piece of land which Captain Demby with is co-conspirators were illegally building houses.

For the past three months, there has been a legal tussle on the whole deal, the Appeal Court Judge – His Lordship Momoh Stevens issued an injunction today June 18th 2010 and authorizing all contractors to stop, desist, vacate and abstain from all the illegal construction on the said land at Kotunahun Village, Kakua Chiefdom, Bo District.

Conscientiously, I suggest that, somebody needs to advise and warn this S.L.A. Cpt. Demby and his co-conspirators to pack out, vacate and clear out of the Late Hon. S.S. Anthony’s land at Kotunahun Village, Kakua Chiefdom – Bo District, to avoid further embarrassment, humiliation and disgrace.

Convincingly, Cpt. Demby is a frustrated Army Captain who really needs help. Moreover, his frustration was out of control and he felt powerless by the injunction issued to him with his co-conspirators by the Appeal Magistrate Court Judge for trespassing and conducting of illegal construction in a piece of land owned by the Late Hon. S. S. Anthony. The day this Cpt. Demby felt feeble and defenseless, was the very day when Ms. Frances Anthony and the Court Bailiff issued him the injunction notice from the Appeal Magistrate Court Judge. He freaked out, obsessed and paranoid. He continued to make threats and abusive tone at one of the inheritors – Ms. Frances Anthony and the Bailiff. What a shame for a SLA Captain.

Unto the time I am writing this report, SLA Cpt. Demby is still recalcitrant, noncompliant and disobedient. The officer-in-charge of Lands (Alpha Sesay), must be warned to refrain from aiding and abating in all land deals and Mrs. Cecilia – the Clerk of the Court to stop the extortion. Stay corruption free and let’s justice prevail.

Mohamed Gigril Abu, Bo Town- Sierra Leone

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