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Can you let cell phone palaver destroy your home?

Can you let cell phone palaver destroy your home?

Heaven was almost let loose recently in the home of the Bensons. This was because Mr Benson had gone out to have fun with one of his girlfriends. The two enjoyed themselves but Ben did not warn his girlfriend not to call him or send him text messages. Unfortunately, he forgot his phone in his car when he got home. Too tired that night,  his wife decided to go pick up their guest from the airport with the same car.

On her way, Ben’s phone kept ringing but she didn’t want to pick the call until text messages started coming in. She did not know  what to do. Later, she decided to read the text messages. And what did she read? “Honey, the Arsenal  match we had was a very memorable one. You took me to high heavens and I still feel like remaining there. I want a repeat of this match. So, how soon will it be?” She was confused but she  did not call the girl. Even when she got home,  she refused to say a word but the look on her face told her husband that something was amiss. Immediately, he collected his phone from the car,  opened the inbox and read the same text messages and kept his cool. The next morning, he went to his friends to seek advice. What sort of advice do you have for Benson?

I’ll appease her with all I’ve got — Seun Akindele, Actor

The truth must be said: when a man finds a wife, he has found his better half, except he’s saying that he made a mistake, which is equally a wrong statement. The fact that she’s my better half means we’re one. So, I’m not in that school of thought which says that my wife has no right to go through my phone. If she was a mere girlfriend, then it would have been a different case. So, first of all,  I don’t blame her for going through the text messages. Secondly, everyman knows that a silent wife is worse than a poisonous snake, especially in this case.



Acknowledge my guilt — Ayo Badmus, Actor

Hahaha, this my friend is in trouble but then there’s a way out. I won’t find it too difficult to come down and save my family if I were in his shoes. In fact,  the best thing is first,   do some shopping for her. Then, find a way to lure her into our room and kneel down to tell her the whole truth because there’s nothing to hide anymore and ask her for forgiveness. Some men may want to say that it’s a man’s world but I tell you this is not the time to start posing.

I’m sure that if he applies this method, she’ll forgive him because he has humbled himself enough to acknowledge his guilt. And he must do this very fast so that this issue does not linger for too long.

Break the silence and settle — Stephen Mbonu

If I were in Ben’s shoes, I would look for a way to cause trouble in that house so that she will react. Somehow, we have to quarrel and settle this matter properly because more danger lies ahead if we continue this silence. There has to be a way of breaking this silence and I’m prepared to take the risk and face the consequences.

Show remorse and apologise — Princewill Udofia

I’m one person that can’t stand silence at all, especially when it’s coming from the woman I call my wife. I’ll almost die and my wife is aware of this fact. So, I try to avoid anything that will lead to trouble. But this one has already happened. What I think he should do since he’s sure that his wife has read this message is to call her and ask for forgiveness. Some men may think otherwise but I don’t think being remorseful for any sin committed is a crime. Tell her what actually happened and apologise, simple

Keep quiet if she doesn’t raise the issue — Alex Mouth, Movie director

First of all, I want to say that it was wrong for his wife to have picked up that phone for whatever reason. I always say that the sleeping dog should be left to lie. If she had not read that message, all this trouble won’t come up.

I want to blame her for picking the phone because she won’t say that she doesn’t know her husband is a womanizer.


I won’t raise the issue if she continues to keep quiet because I’m not equally prepared for any kind of trouble. But I’ll try all that I can do to be nice to her within that period. All those requests of hers will be granted this time around which I think is one way I can be remorseful,  even if I don’t say anything.

I’ll wriggle out anyhow — Scott Robert, Actor

Sister, I don’t want to tell you lies but the truth remains that  nothing will make me tell my wife the truth. I’ll do anything I can to wriggle out of the situation because I don’t want to hurt my wife by telling her this truth. First, if she insists on not talking about it, I’ll do everything to get her angry so that she can accuse me. And if she does, I’ll tell her that it was a planned work to test her love for me.


Then if that style doesn’t work, I’ll not raise the issue. I won’t even try to be nice to her so that she won’t suspect anything. I can’t imagine my wife having sex with another man. So, I don’t want her to know that I’m cheating on her for any reason. Again, I’m scared that if she finds out, she may use acid on me when I’m sleeping and I don’t want to die now.

The best option here is to go on my knees and beg seriously for forgiveness. It is too late to start blaming Ben for what he has done wrong because solution is of paramount importance. And that is to appease my wife with all that I’ve got and allow peace to reign in my home.

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  • What the eye does not see the mind does not grieve about. She has no business reading her husbands messages in the first place. Any woman who wants peace at home should not go snooping on her man.

    The man should keep quiet and not say a thing.

    19th June 2010

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