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July 2021

To say that the Coronavirus pandemic is a global killer is an understatement, describing the magnitude of its effects on humanity in other parts of the world. It therefore goes without saying, that Governments and

Pursuant to the requirement for the grant of a Large-Scale Mining License and in relation to Kingho Mining Company Limited’s obligation prescribed in Section 34(a) of the Mines and Minerals Act 2009 for surface rent,

Sierra Leone, like many other African countries - with the exception of a handful such as Nigeria and Ghana- is at a loss to explain to its people the reasons why fuel price fluctuate every

Part of the latest measures announced by the Government to curb the third wave of the Coronavirus has come under strong criticism for violating fundamental human rights. Following the outbreak of the third wave called Delta

The Anti-Corruption Commission has indicted and charged eight EDSA workers (Mohammed Sheku Turay, 1st accused and seven others) on multiple counts for allegedly misappropriating Le 6 Billion. The matter came up last Friday 25th June, 2021

Accountability and Transparency are key components of democracy and good governance. Governments around the globe have always used these twin terms in their campaign manifestos to make them look good in the eyes and estimation

Christian Louboutin’s iconic red-bottom heels are one of the ultimate luxury status symbols. But a new collaboration with Idris and Sabrina Elba, launching today, is reimagining them for a thoughtful cause.   Like so many 2020

A National Protected Area Authority (NPAA) guard has said that the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is slow in responding to reports of encroachment on protected areas in the Western Area. "We do make reports of encroachment

Speaking to Sierra Express, a member of the Sierra Leone Armed Forces and a retired Police Officer complained that members of the security forces, particularly the junior ranks are being grossly neglected by the Government

The issue of labour migration legalized by Government is to say the least insulting and indeed a slap in the face of our integrity as a nation; and represents a woeful failure by African Governments

Despite wide-ranging controversy surrounding the enactment of a Cyber Crime Law, the legislative process has almost reached its final stage, having passed through the third reading in Parliament with a full house endorsing it. Sounding a