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June 2018

Mr. Dennis Vandi, Secretary to the President who issued a memorandum on the implementation of the Finance Acts 2016, 2017 and 2018 purporting it was a directive from the President, has been relieved of his

Sierra Leone is a nice country for many reasons; it is one of the few countries where political irony (ies) and coincidence form the fabric of humanity. The recent elections held in this tiny West

Chairman of the All Peoples Congress Youth Wing at PZ, Hassan Kamara, has been declared wanted by irate SLPP militia who are presently disturbing the peace of ordinary citizens in the country. Kamara who is well

I wish to record my heartfelt congratulatory message to two people; my cousin, Mr. Abdulai Bangura for his cabinet appointment as Deputy Minister of Justice, and my friend, Mr. Andrew Jaia Kaikai for the position