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August 2015

THE SOCIETY AND THE DRUG POLICY SYSTEM Drugs are being known as any substances which changes ones behavior after its usage being it licit or illicit. In Ghana the drug peril has submerged several prospective as

The National Revenue Authority is presently training up to 120 Customs and other Business Administrators, to prepare them for the introduction of a common external tariff for all ECOWAS countries. This instrument was signed to

Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, will on August 8th 20015, embarked on a three day official visit to the three West African nations of Liberia, Guinea  and Sierra Leone, on the invitations of the Foreign

Sierra Express Media can authoritatively report that the majority of Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad who were waiting on parliament to discuss burning issues resting on the Public Health Emergency Act, were disappointed to

The Presiding Magistrate of court No. 6 Mohamed Seray Wurie, who doubles as the acting Principal Magistrate of Court No. 1, has ordered a notorious land racketeer in the Gloucester community, Sonny Kanu, to cough

Two accused persons Augustine Hindolo Mambu and Tony Fefegula on Monday 3rd August 2015 appeared before Magistrate Siray Wurie of Cour NO. 1 for Conspiracy to commit a felony contrary to law, robbery with aggravation,

Since Sierra Leone gained independence in 1961, the country is still struggling to have the basic social amenities such as good roads, constant electricity, adequate pipe-borne water supply, sufficient food and housing. Most parts of the

The voting pattern exhibited in the past 2012 and 2007 general elections clearly indicates the wide regional divide characterizing our political system. While an overwhelming majority of the North-Western region voted for the ruling All

Professor Parrot has conducted a very rigorous examination for ten of our ministers seven of whom failed with flying colors while the other three got borderline passes. It pleases the smart bird to publish the

Dallas, USA, August 5, 2015 -  It was a new day, August 1st as the outgoing Chairlady, Ms. Kadie Tejan-Sie of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) Dallas chapter in Texas, passed over the instrument

Over a year ago, the Ebola Virus Disease in the three hardest hit West African nations of Guinea Liberia and Sierra Leone started with a single case in, first, Guinea, and subsequently crossing over to

Freetown, Aug. 3, 015 (MOHS) - The three-day Consultative Workshop on the National Community Health Workers Programme for Sierra Leone has ended with recommendations, suggestions and comments for the way forward at the Sangri La

Freetown, Aug. 3, 015 (MOHS) - Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation II Madam Madina Rahman has called on nurses and midwives to work as a team in building a resilient health system in all

The controversy surrounding the purchase of 100 Chinese  buses for $12 million dollars continues to create a stir.  A growing chorus demanding investigation and subsequent prosecution against officials over allegations of misappropriating public funds, corruption and

Prior to the advent of our current two dominant religions in Sierra Leone, Islam and Christianity, the country’s, inhabitants rested their faith on the African Traditional Religion which is also monotheistic and embraces the omnipresence