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June 2014

Freetown, June 23 (SLENA) - The Government of Sierra Leone through the Development Aid Coordinating Office (DACO) in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development last Thursday 19th June 2014 held the G7+ Seventh Consultative

Since that awful event of last Wednesday evening when the leadership of the current executive committee were at each other’s throat on the radio waves, followed by the allegedly unhelpful contribution of the Parliamentary minority

The leader of a small scale mining company in Ropolon, Bumbuna, in the north of Sierra Leone, Mr.  Konteh Ernest Babar, is currently on the run after receiving death threats from some ex-combatants who are

Following today’s verdict in Cairo, Al Jazeera English managing director Al Anstey said: “Today three colleagues and friends were sentenced, and will continue behind bars for doing a brilliant job of being great journalists.  'Guilty' of

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, economist, international businessman and lecturer, Mr. Momoh K. Konte has been in the front-line of war against the deadly Ebola disease ravaging our country. Konte stated that he came to his home town Kabala

On Tuesday June 17 this year, prolific Sierra Leonean writer, Edison Nyambeche Yongai (in photo), made a public reading of his latest fiction titled NO NAME FOR REFUGEES to eager readers in the Auburn local

World Vision Sierra Leone has ended three days intensive user training for their field staff on Sponsorship single step implementation at the Hill Valley Hotel in Freetown.   (Photo: Cross section of World Vision staff at

It is no gainsaying to opine that a good deal of Sierra Leone’s ministers need coaching on how to react to international organisations and agencies.  I noticed with great consternation that the newly appointed ministers

President - Ibrahim Sorie Vice President - Hindolo Gevao Secretary General - James Momodu Forna Sesay (retained) Assistant Secretary General - Enoch (retained) Treasurer - Sonia Osho Williams (retained unopposed) Assistant Treasurer - Musa Bittar Public Relations Officer - Julian Cole

The Movement for the Transformation of SLPP (MTS) was formed in November 2012 and launched in March 2013 with the objective of transforming the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) into a viable political party that

About 522 years ago, a voyager from Portugal sailed along the Atlantic Ocean in the West Africa coast of Africa. Sierra Leone was considered to be a mountainous region inhabited by ferocious lions. The sound

John Drinkwater’s Abraham Lincoln was one of our set English Literature Text Books when I sat to the Junior Cambridge Certificate examination from the Bo School back in 1946. Two women were with President Lincoln.

As a measure to continue spreading the net in the fight against corruption, the Eastern Regional Office of the ACC has extended the meet the schools campaign against corruption to private schools in Kenema. The

Senior Lecturer in Media and Politics at Northumbria University in the UK Dr Ibrahim Seaga Shaw (in photo) delivered the third John Akar Memorial Lecture series on ‘Journalism and the Political Economy of Humanitarianism' organised

In the  quest for a positive change of attitude across the country, the Attitudinal and Behavioural Change (ABC) Secretariat has started a five day youth empowerment training at the WAGA (War Affected Girls and Adult