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October 2009

Jimmy Bangura popularly known as Jimmy B, is making Sierra Leone proud in the United Kingdom, where two of his outstanding movies continues to make huge impact after being screened on SKY Television – watched

Operating exclusively as a registered non-profit organization in the United States, Home Initiative was founded by Sierra Leoneans in an effort to support the delivery of basic and decent health care through the provision of

The people of Kono District have again suffered the loss of another great leader in the person of the Honourable Komba Claudius Gbamanja of blessed memory. The people of Kono are mourning the passing away of

It stands as an indisputable fact that the People’s Movement for Democratic Change, (PMDC) is currently captured in the web of  political intrigues with solutions hard to come by for leader of the party Charles

Artists for Peace, a charity organization visited several primary and secondary schools in the Western area as part of their mission statement of propagating the peace message in institutions of learning in all parts of

Principals Cry Over WASSCE Results Principals countrywide have expressed dismay over the poor performance of pupils in the recently concluded WASSCE examinations as shown by the results. The poor result output has also been cause for concern

Due to the perennial problem of public figures like Parliamentarians abandoning their constituents and the communities that voted them in office, the Open Government Initiative has now continued its work full time by taking Members

The deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Local Government  and Rural Development in a recent statement said government through his ministry is responsible for the conduction of paramount chieftaincy elections, apparently realizing that he had made

The chairperson for the National Electoral Commission Dr. Christiana Thorpe, who is also the National Returning Officer has last Wednesday cautioned local chiefs not to mingle with national politics or engage in any malpractice. Dr. Thorpe

The National Telecommunications Commission has nabbed three fraudsters engaged in telecommunication malpractices. The fraudsters are said to be two foreign nationals and a Sierra Leonean. They are reported to have illegally installed a telecommunications system at

Individuals aspiring to be paramount chiefs in the forthcoming elections and who have been found of harboring or setting up a camp to feed supporters will be punished with a two year imprisonment and a

The man who came to head the British government in their time of need and who eventually exhorted them to victory after former Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's appeasement at Munich, ("there will be no war in our time")

I was going to look at an issue that has to do with the seeming eruption of a socialist party in Sierra Leone had it not been the fact that I am moved to write

Saturday October 17, 2009 witnessed yet another moment when the All Peoples’ Congress (APC) Party demonstrated one of the unique qualities that it has come to be identified with. That unique quality is entrenched in

Suna G. Nallo, executive director of the National Organization of Sierra Leoneans in North America (NOSLINA), an organization recognized for extolling Sierra Leone’ diversity and interconnectedness is on a mission to Freetown on behalf of