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It is an open secret that, over the years, the Government of Sierra Leone has not been treating with deserved seriousness, especially primary education, as manifested by the

Not too long ago, two top officials of the giant Socfin Agricultural Company (SAC) in Sahn Malen, Pujehun District, came under gun attack leaving one of them wounded.

Apparently, social media is becoming more of a curse than a blessing and mobile phone companies including internet service providers have a pivotal role to play in regulating

The Ebola outbreak in the country has undoubtedly caused an untold hardship on the citizenry of this nation, created huge orphans and widows, caused over 20,000 job cuts

In his reflection message to the nation, His Excellency President Ernest Bai Koroma assured the nation that all quarantined areas will be supplied with food which was accepted

There have been widespread reports that the helicopter which our caring president, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, used to fly into the Ebola-infested district of Kenema ran out of

We have observed that Sierra Leone is now experiencing a high increase in the rate of beggars, especially those on the streets, many of whom are abandoned kids. Begging

Once more, the notorious Abacha Street has become flooded with traders who have made the street almost inaccessible to vehicular and human traffic. Where goes Operation WID? Is

It has pleased the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, to appoint Ambassador Henry Macauley, as Minister of Energy, Dr. Momodu Kargbo as

Now that Dr. Richard Konteh’s lawyers have presented a very strong and convincing argument that their client’s arrest, detention and prosecution is unlawful, we are inclined to believe

As the rainy season draws closer to its peak, we are beginning to express justifiable fears of the uprooted rolling boulders which have made it a custom to

This press is fully aware of the unpleasant and notorious fact that many of our youths have resorted to drug abuse as a way of reducing their stress

Politics globally is an art full of competition, expectations based on promises by political actors. It is also full of challenges between winners and losers. It is endowed

Following the discovery of massive malpractices in Zircon sand mining in especially Shenge, Tisana and Mobureh in Moyamba District where the West African Zircon Mining Company was involved

Sex related offences are unbecoming nowadays and it has become insipidious as if our laws are fast asleep. It has emerged that the penal measures that are taken

July 18 - Happy 95th Birthday Mandela! We reserve the right to refer to you as the 1st Gentleman of Africa. You traversed from a lawyer to an

As the nation graduates from the ‘Agenda for Change’ to that of the ‘Agenda for Prosperity’, it is vital for all to know that we cannot perch ourselves

There is a barrage of erudite and illustrious fine engineers that Sierra Leone could be proud of both at home and in the Diaspora. The Fourah Bay College

The killer menace is accelerating into an inevitable phenomenon that is synonymous to change and many people have deemed it as part of our culture. Things do change, but

Without saying, those bold and fearless illicit miners at Mobureh, Tisana and Shenge in the Moyamba District are operating under a political bigwig who this press is trying

In good faith, President Ernest Bai Koroma launched the Agenda for Prosperity for the prosperity of every Sierra Leonean who is ready to prosper but recent events within

Those desperately money-hungry officials of the National Revenue Authority (NRA) and the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank who are reported to have leeched this nation’s economic blood must definitely

A passport is a national item meant for honest citizens, not for international fraudsters. Being a sacred national document, our passport must not be desecrated for commercial or

In spite of the series of anti-violence campaigns and sensitizations carried out in this nation, the culture of violence continues unabated. Many Sierra Leoneans still have the erroneous

Those critics who were mockingly describing the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) as a toothless bulldog that barks without biting have been put to shame by Ugandan-born Justice J. B.

The thousands of paid teachers in Sierra Leone are making compulsory monthly financial contributions to the Sierra Leone Teachers Union (SLTU), making it one of the richest unions

We have been receiving frequent reports that the recent girl child refund disbursed to Junior Secondary Schools ended up being mismanaged by certain principals with the transparent excuse

Thursday May 23rd 2013 was not a pleasant day for the Minister of Trade and Industry, Alhaji Usman Boie Kamara (in photo). Reports say he was about to

It is an open secret that in Sierra Leone, justice is often times delayed, and consequently, denied. Many foreign investors who fall victim to fraudsters have their cases

We have been observing that most Sierra Leoneans have little or no respect for time. Time is the master that rules the whole world; it has no respect

On 27th April, 2013 Sierra Leone will celebrate her 52nd Independence Anniversary amid long petrol queues, water shortage, epileptic electricity, inflated prices, endemic corruption, chronic poverty, salary crisis,

In line with the expectation of most journalists in Sierra Leone, Kelvin Lewis, the Proprietor and Managing Editor of Sierra Leone newspaper AWOKO,  has been elected National President

Posterity will never forgive us if we fail to laud the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association for training our Members of Parliament to perform their duties well. We believe the

The rate at which parastatals and private institutions are now evading taxes has become a cause for the concern of this press, considering the crippling state of our

It is an open secret that Sierra Leone is suffering from mass unemployment, of especially youths. Many young graduates keep parading the corridors of offices brandishing their degrees

Nowadays, Sierra Leone has become a country where money can speak a loud language that even the deaf can understand. We agree that money rules the whole world

It pleased the President of Sierra Leone to reappoint Honorable Minkailu Bah as Minister of Education and Honorable Paul Kamara as Minister of Sports, however, the reappointments displeased

Fuel is a highly political commodity, the scarcity of which breeds mass discontentment, causing people to lose confidence in government.  Fuel is crucial to the livelihood of the

Sierra Leone Government has been disbursing bulky sums of money as mining grants to develop mining chiefdoms right across this country but we have gathered that the grants

One of the world’s most popular games is football or soccer.  Apart from its economic viability, soccer fosters unity especially among young people. The game also contributes immensely

Let us say the truth and shame the devil, the truth is that His Excellency, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma is comparatively tolerant to the press, as our prisons

Although His Excellency the president, Ernest Bai Koroma, has taken the bold step to appoint a disabled, Mustapha Bai Atilla, as Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and

Sierra Leone has porous borders with dozens of illegal and unmanned crossing points of which scores of illicit immigrants use to  flow into the country, thereby depriving the

The once booming diamond industry in Sierra Leone now seems to be on the decline, many diamond offices have folded up as many dealers and miners have quit

The launching of Operation WID is a step in the right direction but the manner in which it is carried out has not gone down well with a

By the end of August, 2011, the National AIDS Secretariat (NAS,), the National AIDS Control Program (NACP) and the Network of HIV Positives (NETHIPS), summoned thirty-three people living

The alarming rate of teenage pregnancy, especially among school pupils, has become a cause for concern for many well-meaning Sierra Leoneans, including His Excellency the president, Ernest Bai

It is indeed pitiful to reckon that indiscipline and lawlessness continue to plague every facet of our country.  The issue of insubordination of the rule of law has

As Operation WID goes full swing, we have started receiving unpleasant reports of violent confrontations the police and traders, the  most recent being the disgraceful incident at Rawdon

Launching an operation is good but sustaining it is better. We have witnessed several operations in this country, some successful but some an excellent failure. The Operation Barass which