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Currently there are two different Ebola diseases in Sierra Leone

Currently there are two different Ebola diseases in Sierra Leone

There are two different types of Ebola diseases that currently killing our 11 years post war traumatised and depressed fellow Sierra Leoneans in the country. Therefore, if more serious measures are not put in place such, as the provision of enough human resources, medical equipment and above all sufficient food stuff to deal with these two enemies of human survival by all Sierra Leoneans, especially government and the international community, they will wipe of the entire nation of Sierra Leone.  (Photo: Tony Bee, author)

Firstly I would like to make it known to my readers that I am not a medical doctor neither am I a scientist of Ebola. But I am an investigative journalist, researcher and a keen follower of events including political and social in the country. So when I talk about two different Ebola diseases that are currently in the country, I do not want you to think that I am a medical doctor or Ebola virus scientist doctor.

However, according to my investigation and research, there are two types of Ebola diseases in the country as I already said. These are the real Ebola virus that is currently trying to wipe of the entire nation of our country, Sierra Leone and the second Ebola disease is Hunger. These two diseases are causing very serious problems in the country. In view of that they need united patriotic and nationalist Sierra Leoneans to fight them in any form or forms including the provision of abundant food stuff by government and the international community in the country and sending of money to families, relatives and friends for their daily survival by Sierra Leoneans living abroad.

Ebola virus is not only destroying the valuable lives of our people, but it is also killing the bud of the country’s socio economic development. For instance, currently there is no normal business functioning, no faming or normal farming, no mining industry that is presently running normal, no tourist industry that is running normal, no proper government machinery that is presently functioning accordingly etc. Some of the stakeholders of such business industries have withhold or withdrawn their services and applied the philosophy of wait and see because of Ebola virus. This has added more salt to the high cost of living standing and high rate of unemployment in the country.

I called hunger Ebola virus because it is also destroying human lives and even those of animals including domestic animals, because currently they have no food or enough food to eat. Every human being or animal needs food for survival. Therefore, I think hunger disease is more harmful or dangerous than any other virus in the world. However, it’s left with the medical scientists to prove that. But Hunger can cause sickness including malnutrition, weakness or dizziness etc and such symptoms sometimes can be easily attributed to Ebola virus symptoms. When someone is hungry and he or she has no food or sufficient food to eat, the bacteria within the body system will start to feed on the cells of the body that will cause someone to become weak and tired.

Therefore, as I said, hunger will cause sickness and kill human beings and attributed it to Ebola especially where there is no proper diagnosis or screening system in a country like Sierra Leone. According to my current research, it is very hard for those who responsible to diagnosis or screen the people or patients for Ebola virus symptoms to asked them, the patients if they have eaten any food. If that is true, I suggest that those who shouldered such responsibility should always first ask the people or patients if they have eaten food before they will start thinking about diagnosing or assessing them for Ebola virus.

According to my current investigation in the country, I also found out that Hunger is killing our people more than Ebola virus itself, particularly because of its malnutrition and it weaknesses for lack of food or enough food in their body systems that will fight against Ebola virus symptoms.

The people or authorities concerned seem to pay more attention on Ebola prevention and treatment or medication than food. They are forgetting that one of the most preventive measures in fighting against Ebola virus is the provision of enough food stuff in the country. The Ebola virus survivals need enough food to eat to rebuild their health system. If not they could be easily relapse because of the hunger weakness and malnutrition that they will face.

Food, human resources, money and medication are twins in terms of saving lives; therefore, it is difficult for anyone of them to go without the other at this trying time in our beloved country. Even those who are presently sacrificing or risking their own lives to save the lives of our people by treating their Ebola virus or symptoms in their bodies need food to eat. Without food they will not be strong enough to withstand the heat of Ebola virus pressure in the country.

If you give someone medication or quarantine him or her without food or enough food to eat, how do you expect that individual to be able to resist Ebola virus? Therefore, I am appealing to individual philanthropists, organisations, government, and the international community to provide more enough food stuff and medication for our people in the country in order to defeat the deadly Ebola virus.

By Tony Bee, Sydney, Australia

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  • Enlightened cultures control population by birth control. Africans control population by war, famine, and pestilence. Ebola is a healthy part of the cleansing of Africa.


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