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Mr. Idiot: I fear for Mr. President

Mr. Idiot: I fear for Mr. President

Lord oh! This cannot be trusted. Lord have mercy – Mr. President, you have to risk your life that night at the National Stadium, just to honour the artists’ union – what a president.  I feared when I learnt that you were caught in the midst of a power cut at the decrepit National Stadium.  Worse more was when the power cut was obviously stage-managed to deny you the echoes of the microphone.  I said what?… My president is made to say some words to only a limited few around the presidential stand?  No, my idiot!  It’s too messy. – don’t ask me who sabotaged him, or better still, why the incessant power cut all of a sudden? At this elections year, it’s better not to give too much burden on your securities who themselves are human. Man it is said is his own best servant.

What beats me down; Mr. President was the abysmal performance of the SLP who fired canisters of teargas without regarding your presence. Ay boo, the President of the Republic was in attendance and you have the guts to trigger shots of canisters?  Not to mince words –it is unacceptable.

Anyway, one positive image came clear in this absurdity. The error confirms the status of the country’s lasting peace and tranquillity. It’s hard than not branding smite of terrorists heartbeat. Thank God, the event did not create tirade of political allegations. For it is a wholesome laxity on the authority and management of the National Stadium.

Who would have been there to save Mr. President? These big fool police securities understand nothing than triggering canisters shots on the baying public. We have long said it: this ‘big fool’ of a type in the characters of the national police force can influence nothing but disaster of a charade. You can’t imagine that even jibe rants could give the SLP cause to release canisters… this is it Mr. President; we always told you that our forces need special training talent on crowd order control. The SLP on a more serious note have always been highhanded in their crowd order control attempts.

I, the idiot of a type, know the president attended that ceremony for sure to seal the knot on his assent of the anti-piracy laws, which he recently passed in parliament to protect the intellectual property right of individuals with creativity skills. He emerged thus president in the country to enact such a perennial bill into law. Come on, clap for it. –But wait a while; there is still a string to add on it –the Freedom of Information Act. Now it seems that the 1965 Public Order Act issue is a taboo and should not be talked about. This very president was the one who promised to give the journalists of Sierra Leone a repeal of the obnoxious Seditious Libel Laws to enhance a democratic fair play for expression of opinions and views –which encompasses free speech and virile press.

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