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Thousands of school going pupils from various schools across the country has raised serious concerns over the alarming shortage of pipe borne water or water wells in the

As the UK recovers from and counts the costs of the winter floods, it is hard to see the water that wreaked such havoc here as being not

WASH–Net water, sanitation and hygiene network in partnership with Water Aid and Oxfam over the weekend ended a two day workshop at the Grassroots Gender Empowerment Movement’s (GGEM)

As you approach the Lake Chad basin from Nigeria, the evidence of despair is telling. The air is dusty, the wind is fierce and unrelenting, the plants are

The central business district of Freetown is hit with serious water and fuel crisis which has generated a public dismay within the past few weeks. As the struggle continued

Residents of Lungi are suffering a shortage of water due to Sierra Leone Water Company’s (SALWACO) disregard in the provision of good drinking water in communities around the