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Parrot is stunned by the way some ministers of the ruling APC government keep misbehaving publicly thereby putting to shame not only the president who appointed them but

It is no gainsaying to opine that a good deal of Sierra Leone’s ministers need coaching on how to react to international organisations and agencies.  I noticed with

Musicians have told the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) how the City Father, Mayor Herbert Williams, paid them Le300,000 and not Le 3 million for performing at the Morgan

Let me start by making the point that while it goes without saying that Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma (in photo) may not be the best of presidents,

The Awoko surveys on the ministers are damning, shocking, disenchanting, disgusting, disbelieving and disappointing, because if a cross section of Western Area can’t even name 50% of their

Notwithstanding the series of corruption cases levied against some ministers in his government, President Ernest Koroma has a healthy respect for his ministers and has recently made this

When he hosted a meeting last week in what his Press Secretary describes as "in an extraordinarily tough and uncompromising tone, President Ernest Bai Koroma today decried the