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The former State House Communications Boss under the Ernest Bai Koroma led All Peoples Congress (APC), Jarrah Kawusu Konte, like many other personalities and officials of the past

Wednesday October 23, – The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) is appalled by the sustained attack on the media and media practitioners over the past seven (7)

Someone needs to say to the media- STOP- the outrageous bickering and continue to serve the people of Sierra Leone. This culture of confrontation with the sleazy personal

An Address on “The Role of the Media in the Election Process in Sierra Leone” delivered by the Chairman, Independent Media Commission (IMC) Mr. Rod Mac-Johnson at the

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) second edition of ‘Media Watch e-bulletin’ published October 3rd defines the journalistic characters of 10 newspapers in Freetown. The research looked at the various

Freetown – The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists wishes to congratulate the Speaker of Parliament, Hon Justice Abel Stronge for upholding the truth and encouraging the Editor of

After having the opportunity of traveling to several African countries, I have realized that our country’s media is severely backward, producing mostly baseless news full of grammatical errors

Sierra Leone’s print and electronic media has become the indelicate barnyard of personal vendetta in the form of vicious personal attacks and foolish political propaganda. From the presidential