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The owner of Division I side Sheffield United, Fred Claye, has told sports journalists inF reetown that he is happy with his team. “The club has transformed itself to

The Chief Executive Officer of Sheffield United Football Club, Fred Clay (photo), has told journalists that it was not his boys that stopped the Western Area division one

The Chief Executive Officer of  Sheffield United, Fred Claye, has taken court action against the Western Area Football Association (WAFA) and the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) for

The Chief Executive Officer for Sheffield United football club, Fred Clay (in photo), has told journalists that he still holds onto the decision of the Western Area Football

The owner of newly promoted Division 1 side, Sheffield United, Mr. Fred Claye, has urged his boys to grab the three points ahead of their opponents, Murray Town

Newly promoted division one side, Sheffield United, celebrated 2-0 victory over Dallarosa FC in the ongoing national league. The club’s victory has sent a signal to premiership clubs that