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Tribalism and or regionalism, I believe, can sometimes be positively applied or practised for a good purpose. Most times though, perpetuators have sinister motives for being doggedly tribalistic

When it comes to believing, there are two dangerous pitfalls. Dogmatism is the traditional one, where people know what they know so wholeheartedly that they never appreciate complexity

SLPP Stinks Salone With Fake Promises Tribalism, nepotism, regionalism, political intimidation, constitutional violations, human rights abuses, violence and more are the vices prevalent in the New Direction of President

Newest aspirant to join the race for the presidential flagbearer of the National Democratic Alliance Party (NDA), Alhaji Wurrie Musidal Jalloh intimated to Sierra Leoneans in his declaration

The role of ethnicism and regionalism has been at the cross road of our political governance since the founding of our Republic. Ethnocentrism has been one of the