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Contrary to recent  assurances by importers and government officials  that stores would not run dry of rice, the staple food in the country, information filtering from the Commodities

Really the politicians in Sierra Leone think the word ‘development’ is when you feed the masses with loads of trays filled with cooked ‘Buma Rice’ in one political

Broadcast statement by HE the President on the rising cost of petroleum products and other commodities Fellow Citizens: In the past two weeks, I have listened to you expressing

Recently, the government of Sierra Leone, through the Ministry of Information and Communication announced that in the face of the astronomical increase in prices of essential

The Just after independence in 1961 Sierra Leone was seemingly observed as falling apart. The country was driven apart widespread corruption at almost of facets of life. This, to well

Faces of ordinary Sierra Leoneans grow twisted owing to untold and unsolved hardship in society. It is no secret that a cup of rice is now sold at Le