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As a response to the cries by football fans for a better and befitting recreation ground in the Kenema City, the Kenema City Council has handed over to

I am seated in Fokai’ Demby’s delightful Kamboi complex along Kenema’s co-busiest thoroughfare as I watch motorists, bike riders and pedestrians struggling to avoid the bad patch at

In a bid to continue spreading anti corruption messages to stakeholders in Kenema and to foster the spirit of cordiality and harmony in the administrative relationship between Kenema

Residents in the eastern city of Kenema today declared the city the "stresshold" of the opposition Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP) and the "stronghold" of the ruling All

Government notes with dismay that an infinitesimal group of teachers has embarked on a path of sabotage and subterfuge through a so-called strike action in Kenema City and

A police constable is alleged to have been assaulted and beaten by sex workers in Kenema City over the weekend after he attempted to come to the rescue