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The people of Constituency 85 comprising of Kagboro and Timdale Chiefdoms, Shenge, in the Mayamba District, have stressed popular support for George S. Ndopo who they want to

As the internal fight in the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) intensifies, this newspaper has learnt that the party’s Running Mate, Kadi Sesay, has strongly charged the

The stage is now set for Sierra Leone’s 2012 polls. The Electoral Commissioner - Christiana Thorpe has announced November 17th 2012 as the date for the holding of

People of Port-Loko Friday 11th November, 2011 cheered Kadi Sesay and Julius Maada Bio as they joined Muslims at the Port-Loko Central Mosque for the usual 2 o’clock

ERRATA! ALISTEAIR DARLING, NOT DAVID MILLIBAND IS THE BRITISH CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHEQUER. Puawui would like to apologize to his readers for the error in his last column